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Online Videos

These videos are presented in Real Video format. To display them on your computer you will need the Real Media player. To download a free Real Media player, click here or on the icon to the left and follow the directions to install Real Player on your computer. After it is installed, click on one of the video titles below to view that video.

Our Father's Household
Unreached People Adoption Experience powerful profiles of people groups as Jesus draws them to Himself along the paths of history. The status of evangelism at the end of the second millennium is reported in twelve Affinity Blocs. Produced for Celebrate Messiah 2000.
Length: 12 segments, 5-7 minutes for each segment
Ordinary People: Extraordinary Love
Unreached People Adoption This video, producted jointly by Ad2000 & Beyond and Caleb Project, features several churches which "adopt" unreached people groups and the results both within the people group and the churches. Includes Animist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim groups adopted by large and small churches of various types.
Length: 28 minute & 7 minute on the same tape (The 7 minute version is available here on the web.)
Joshua Project 2000 Video
The Joshua Project 2000 plan to reach the largest peoples most needing a church. Key mission leaders reveal the step-by-step plan to plant churches in all cultures, with special emphasis on the 10/40 Window.
Length: 13 minutes
Doing Your Bit
This lighthearted video from the US Center For World Mission shows why adopting an unreached people is important and "doable."
Length: 10 minutes

Praying Through The Window Videos

Light The Window
Light The Window tells the story of Praying Through The Window, a global prayer movement sponsored by the United Prayer Track of AD2000 & Beyond. To fulfill the Great Commission, prayer is being focused on the nations of the 10/40 Window and the Gateway Cities within these nations. Learn how you can join the millions of Christians who are part of this worldwide prayer movement.
(Produced for Praying Through The Window II, October 1995)
Length: 12 minutes
To the Ends of the Earth
Today the church of Jesus Christ faces the greatest opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. With our eyes firmly fixed on God's promises, we can pray and work towards the goal that some will be saved from every tribe, tongue and nation. Let this video open your eyes and soften your heart to God's plan for His majesty to be revealed.
(Produced for Praying Through the Window III, October 1997)
Length: 10 minutes
Light the Window
This video emphasizes the current prayer movement of Praying Throug The Window IV.
(Produced for Praying Through The Window IV, October 1999)
Length: 10 minutes

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