Major languages of North India

Major cities of North India

Districts of North India, by State

Unreached People Groups in North India

  1. Pray for the national leaders - the President, the Prime Minister and all other ministers and officials. Pray for God's wisdom to be given to them to rule the country in justice and righteousness.
  2. Pray for the Church in North India - for its spiritual revival and missionary awakening. Pray for the local church leaders - bishops, pastors, evangelists, elders and other Christian workers.
  3. Pray for the Indian missions - for all the missionaries and all other evangelists and Christian workers. Pray for the effectiveness of their ministries.
  4. Pray for the unreached peoples of North India in the nine Hindi-speaking states with a population of 400 million. Pray for the leadership and for the right strategy for evangelizing each people group.

  1. Pray for the Muslim population of 140 million, one of the world's largest and most accessable Muslim communities. Pray for the agencies working among them.
  2. Pray for the national networks such as the India Missions Association, Evangelical Fellowship of India, CONS India, Mission India 2000 and the North India Harvest Network. Pray that there will be proper coordination among these networks.
  3. Pray for the radio ministries reaching into India - Trans-World Radio, Good News Broadcasting Society, Far East Broadcasting Association, and other agencies.
  4. Pray for the relief, social service, and development agencies - World Vision India, CASA, EFICOR, Compassion and others.
  5. Pray for the Bible translation ministries - Bible Society of India, International Bible Society, Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication (IMA), India Bible Translators, Oriental Bible Translators, New Life Computers, India Evangelical Mission, Friends Missionary Prayer Band and India Evangelical Team.

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