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Worship & The Arts Network - Press Release

October, 1999

For the past three years The AD2000 Movement Worship and Arts Resource Network has continued its ministry of networking with music, worship and artistic ministries around the world.

The Network has been serving existing ministries and initiatives by promoting an international network of information and resources on worship and artistic communication to the Body of Christ. Among these efforts have been producing an email magazine ("e-zine") called the Global Worship Report that has reported on the ways God has used music, worship and artistic expressions in various parts of the world. The email report has also covered articles, resources, quotes, book reviews and other sources of information relating to worship.

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Another initiative of the Network has been the release of a missions songbook entitled "Let the Nations Rejoice-Worship songs declaring God's glory". The compilation includes 35 songs and hymns from across the English speaking world. The songs celebrate the global reign of the Lord and challenge God's people to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. A CD with fifteen of the songs from the songbook has been released with songs recorded by well-known Christian artists.

An email forum dedicated to announcements and communication related to global worship has provided a means of connecting people across the globe with similar interests. Among other communications resources currently in development is a curriculum resource to help prepare musicians and artists to be involved in cross-cultural ministry.

One of the special activities of the Network has been setting up indigenous recording studios in limited access nations where Christian musicians cannot easily record a worship album. Three studios have been set up in Central Asia with further studios planned for the Middle East.

The Worship and Arts Network is coordinated by Frank Fortunato, Music Director for Operation Mobilization, assisted by Paul Neeley, missionary ethnomusicologist, and Byron Spradlin, President of Artists in Christian Testimony.

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