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Let the Nations Rejoice
CD and Songbook

The latest edition of "Let the Nations Rejoice-Worship songs declaring God's glory is ready for shipping. This compilation of missions songs celebrates the global reign of King Jesus and challenges the Lord's people to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Appealing to churches from liturgical and traditional to contemporary, the collection gathers together powerful mission hymns and choruses from across the English speaking world. Accompanying the 32-song resource is a CD of 12 of the tunes, recorded by a team of well-known Christian artist "musicianaries" with a global heartbeat. The recording is like a double CD in that it starts with the twelve fully orchestrated tracks and concludes with a second version of the twelve songs just with the instrumental parts for small churches needing backing tracks.

For ordering information email Dennis Brightman

Track Information:

  1. Song of Many Sounds
  2. Come Let Us Worship Jesus
  3. Far and Near
  4. Heart for the Nations
  5. Glory to God
  6. Lift Jesus High
  7. Raise Up an Army
  8. Lift Up Our Eyes
  9. Move Through Me
  10. Our Heart / Our Desire
  11. We Will Cross Every Border
  12. To The Ends of the Earth
(Plus performance/instrumental tracks)

Steve Fry
John Chisum
Bobby Michaels
Marie Umidi
Karen Lafferty
Scott Wesley Brown


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