AD2000 Women's Track Becomes
Women of Global Action

Lorry Lutz (L) and Emily Voorhies (R)
On July 1, 2000 Dr. Lars Dunberg, president of Global Action announced the integration of the AD2000 Women's Track into its virtual organization. Emily Voorhies of Global Action, assumes leadership from Lorry Lutz who has led the network since its inception.

The AD2000 Women's Track has been one of sixteen networks associated with the AD2000 & Beyond Movement which was founded in 1990 with the goal "A Church for every people and the Gospel for every person by the year AD2000." The Women's Track is now called Women of Global Action.

Women of Global Action retains the primary focus of the former AD2000 Women's Track: to seek to promote the vision of world evangelism by mobilizing, encouraging and training women. It is committed to equipping women for service, releasing the gifts that God has given them, especially among the least reached peoples.

An international advisory board, made up of fifteen key women leaders from around the world serves as gatekeepers of the vision and provides valuable insights and direction to the international office based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Former president of the International Bible Society, Dr. Dunberg founded Global Action less than two years ago. Global Action focuses on evangelism and training, partnering with believers around the world. As a virutal organization, Global Action impacts the Body of Christ through partnerships with others who are already doing the task, rather than by doing it all by themselves.

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