First Quarter 1999 Prayer & Praise Items for World by 2000

Dear Prayer Partners,

The following are the World by 2000 Praise and Prayer items for the first quarter of 1999. One item for immediate prayer focus is for safety concerns listed in the FEBC items below. There is much to praise God for in the addition of new languages to the broadcast schedules and the effectiveness of these radio broadcasts while we pray for the many great needs still before us.



Praise God for the regular radio programme production that is now taking place in two Central Asian languages. Pray their plans to add two more languages this year will be successful.

Music is an important key for the gospel to penetrate any culture. Praise God that the first-ever indigenous Christian songs are being recorded by our team in Central Asia.

FM stations are springing up around Central Asia. Please pray that our people living in these countries will be able to get programmes onto these outlets.

Although some countries in Central Asia are closed to the gospel, one of our colleagues in a restricted region reports that 40 people came to Christ in a village, one week ago. Although this village has the reputation of being a Muslim stronghold, he tells us that the people were very open to the gospel.

Our team in Central Asia is developing a variety of different media to introduce people to Christ. Please pray for wisdom and that their efforts will be successful.

In countries where the church is growing at a rate faster than new believers can be effectively discipled, media can help bridge the gap. Pray for our team there, that they will be able to develop material that is appropriate and effective.

Our work in Central Asia is expanding very fast, but we urgently need more expatriate workers to set up media initiatives in Central Asia. Please pray that our current recruiting campaign will be successful. Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, ended on 18 January. Although this time of fasting and praying is believed to have been observed by more Central Asian Muslims than ever before, pray that many will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.


GILAKI: This is spoken in Gilan province, Iran - on the shore of the Caspian Sea. An Iranian Christian leader has said that "Iran is the crack in Islam and Gilan is the crack in Iran." Pray that 1999 will be the year that Christian broadcasts in Gilaki start -preferably on Medium Wave.

BALUCHI FOR IRAN: This project began as an attempt to introduce the new World by 2000 language of Western Baluchi, spoken in the North West of Baluchistan Province, Pakistan, in the inland mountainous Baluchi-speaking parts of Iran, and in Southwest Afghanistan. However, the family to which God has led us speak coastal Southern Baluchi of Iran, similar to the Southern Baluchi of Pakistan - a World by 2000 language introduced in 1993. The new programmes in Iranian Southern Baluchi should be introduced in March. Pray for the building of a new audience in Iran. Also, please pray that we will find some leads for production in Western Baluchi!


The BRAHUI are a tribal farming people of some 2 million, living in Pakistan, Baluchistan and Afghanistan. We praise the Lord that after many delays BRAHUI went on air on 4th January, with one programme a week. Pray that many will listen and that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts. Pray for the preparations for a second programme, planned to start this year. Pray for the continued security of the production team.

FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company)

  1. Early in 1998 Komering language broadcasts were added for the country of Indonesia. We praise God that these broadcasts have continued unimpeded during this past year of upheaval in that nation.
  2. Bugis and Makassarese language broadcasts have been produced in a secret location because of threats to the producers. With the increased violence and social unrest in Indonesia the producers must take extra caution. The following message was received in the Far East Broadcasting USA office from Indonesia:

    "Today we got a report from Mrs....., in ........, that they want to burn the church where we have our studio. The first attempt was on January 26, 1999. The second attempt was last Friday February 5, 1999. This situation coincides with the Ambon accident. So on February 5, the military found out our studio at the back of the church. So, the military already warned that this time is for sure on February 12, Friday they will burn the church and the Catholic Church. They know already that Mrs..... is the coordinator of the program. So Mrs..... stopped the production and brought the equipment to a missionary's house. She is not afraid of her safety, but her concern is how could she make the programs. So please pray for Mrs..... and the church."

  3. The nation of Indonesia was one of significant Wb2000 language stewardship for Far East Broadcasting. The nation is nearly in a state of undeclared civil war. The violence and chaos will continue throughout the year as the nation follows two elections, on e in June and another in November. Pray that the church will stand strong as witness for Christ.

HCJB (HCJB World Radio)

BENIN: Praise the Lord that Radio Maranatha in Cotonou, Benin, went on the air in July with equipment purchased with funds provided by HCJB World Radio Power Partners. The station services Benin's coastal area. Praise God for two stations now planted in this country.

UGANDA: Praise God for the opportunity to help FEBA and local churches plant a radio station in Uganda. Thank the Lord that radio equipment arrived safely in Kampala, and English gospel programs are on the air. Pray that many listeners would tune in and respond to the gospel. Pray for a station manager here.

NIGERIA: Thank God for partners to produce programs in Igbo, spoken by about 17 million people. Pray that details can be worked out for programs to be recorded in conjunction with the Evangelical Church of West Africa, so they could soon go on the air.

NEW ZEALAND: Praise the Lord for the chance to buy 12 hours of daily airtime in Auckland, a city with 142 different ethnic groups and virtually no Christian programming in these languages. Pray for wisdom and funding for an outreach in this city.

BURKINA FASO: Pray for five partner stations in Burkina Faso, including one in the capital city. They are broadcasting in 21 of the country's 65 national languages, so there is much to do. Pray for partners and open doors.

MALI: Praise God that our partner, Gospel Missionary Union, is operating 17 stations, including one in the capital city of Bamako. They report that the government is in favor of the stations and would like to see even more. Pray for Muslims who are creating problems for some of the stations.

COTE D'IVOIRE: Pray as partner ministry SIM continues to seek permission to operate a local Christian radio station in this country. Pray that their request would be granted. They have been waiting for five years.


  1. The Radio witness and the Personal witness. Pray for the church planters, those who are working directly on the ground with the church, that they may integrate the teaching and witness of the gospel radio programs with their own ministry for a greater effectiveness for the Lord.
  2. Government and local radio Increasingly around the world, governments are desirous of their citizens using local FM radio stations for the common good. Pray that the church and Christians may take up the challenge of establishing local FM radio ministries to present the best message, that of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  3. Spiritual growth in isolation Only the Lord knows those of His children that live in isolated places: isolated because they live in a culture hostile to Christianity or isolated because of physical remoteness to other Christians, friends and family. Pray that the Lord would encourage them through contacts with other Christians as possible and through Christian radio programs.

TWR (Trans World Radio)

Pray for our continued search for a Yemeni producer and for those involved in producing Sudanese programs. There are serious delays on both fronts. Pray for the production of a member care program to be produced for the encouragement of missionaries Central Asia.

  1. Fulfulde/Pulaar: Praise God for the many new contacts made at the recent JCMWA conference in Cameroon. Also for a greater understanding of the Fulfulde needs. The Fulani people are regarded as a "Gateway people" to the Muslims of the Sahel.

    Pray for the development of programmes with Christian & Missionary Alliance and possibly Thru The Bible in Pulaar during this year. We need much wisdom as we embark on this.

  2. Moore; Praise God for contacts with potential producers. We are preparing to send a proposal to Words of Hope re. Moore.
  3. Pray for the 3 new Thru The Bible programs which went on the air in January in Yoruba, Amharic and Hausa.
  4. Pray on an ongoing basis for the Kanuri programmes for eastern Nigeria, though it's too early to have any feedback. We need to bath this project in prayer.

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