A Church for Every People and
the Gospel for Every Person by AD 2000

AD2000 Resource Networks (Tracks)
& Task Forces

Purposes of Resource Networks
and Task Forces

  • Network church leaders for an intensified effort of world evangelization by AD 2000.
  • Intensify, galvanize and accelerate vision for world evangelization within that interest group.
  • Stimulate the vision of a particular Global Resource Network/Task Force as it interfaces with the purpose of the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement.
  • Encourage cooperative relationships with existing movements, networks and structures that result in coordinated efforts to evangelize unreached peoples and urban centers.
  • Foster concentrated, prevailing prayer against the obstacles for world evangelization.

Assumptions Related to Global Resource Networks

  • AD 2000 Global Resource Network chairpersons and coordinators will keep the overall purpose statement in the forefront of all verbal and written communications in the interest group global resource network.
  • AD 2000 Global Resource Network chairpersons and coordinators will seek ways that their own interest groups can contribute to the accomplishment of the overall AD 2000 purpose.
  • The AD 2000 Global Resource Network is typically an enhancement of existing networks.
  • AD 2000 depends on God through prayer for the supply of needed finances to provide travel subsidies for Two-Thirds World participants to key resource network and planning meetings.
  • Global Resource Network coordinators trust God for funding for all other resource network related activities.

Unreached Peoples

Mobilization of United Prayer

Saturation Evangelism and Small Group Leadership Development

Partnership Development Task Force

Translation Task Force

Church Planting Among Muslims Task Force

Peoples Information Network Task Force

Strategy & Resource Development Task Force

Crisis Relief

Caring for the Poor & Needy

Presidents & Academic Deans

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