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A Church for Every People and
the Gospel for Every Person
by AD 2000

Patrick Johnstone

Patrick Johnstone was born in 1938, the first of six children in a busy doctor's home. He had a nominal Christian upbringing but had no knowledge of the gospel until a friend at university confronted him with the claims of Christ. After completing an honours degree in Chemistry at Bristol University, Patrick taught for a year before leaving for Bible School, followed by service with the Dorothea Mission in southern Africa in 1962.

Ministries in Africa were largely itinerant urban church-based evangelism, plus discipleship training. Based in Zimbabwe, the team accepted invitations to Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. Patrick married a fellow missionary, Jill, and they had three children: Peter, born 1969, Timothy 1971 and Ruth 1973. As a sideline, Patrick was involved in Bible translation. The first edition of Operation World was written to provide fuel for a regular feature of life in the Dorothea Mission - a Week of Prayer for the World. Later publication of the book by Operation Mobilisation has led to wide distribution around the world in six languages. The most recent edition was published in 1993. Its purpose is still the same: prayer for the unreached.

An invitation by WEC International in 1978 to succeed Leslie Brierley as the mission's Director of Research led to an opening for the family to spend 1979 ministering on and with the OM ship MV Logos in South and South-east Asia and the Pacific. In 1980 they settled at the WEC centre in Britain and began a rapid expansion of Research Office information. Much of Patrick's research work is aimed at making information readily available to potential recruits and missionaries, and at developing practical strategies to speed the final completion of world evangelization. In 1992, Jill went to be with the Lord but not before writing You Can Change The World, a prayer handbook for children. Their own three children, now adults, are all deeply committed to the work of God.

Patrick is co-leader, with John Robb, of the Unreached Peoples Track of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Patrick also works closely with Dr David Barrett in researching the reachedness of every ethnic group on earth and in the preparation of the next World Christian Encyclopedia.


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