Southeast Asia Joshua Project 2000 Consultation
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Southeast Asia Consultation Brochure

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When: March 2-5, 1997
Where: Singapore
Who: 400 invited missionary leaders
Agenda: This will be the second consultation focused on reaching the 1,739 unreached peoples on the Joshua Project 2000 list. Workshops will include; People group thinking, How to adopt unreached peoples, Prayer mobilization for unreached peoples, Training models for short-term research teams, Training models for long-term church-planting teams, How to gain entry into restricted access peoples, Strategy coordinators and mobilizers training. There will also be workshops focused on different unreached peoples of Southeast Asia which are aimed at forming strategic partnerships to reach these peoples.
  1. Identify Unreached Peoples: That the needs and claims of the high priority unreached peoples in our region(s) will grip the hearts of every delegate, leading to responsible action and AD2000 goals and initiatives.
  2. Adopt Unreached Peoples: That many delegates will accept long-term responsibility for specific unreached people groups, and follow through with all the steps of the adoption process.
  3. Form People Specific Partnerships: That networks leading to people-specific partnerships will begin (at least begin) to form during the consultation.
  4. Promote People Group Advocacy: That many will become people group advocates, as tentmakers, strategy coordinators, intercessors, and mobilizers.
Public: All of the evening sessions are open to the Singapore public.
Registration Update: As of 20 Feb, we have a total of 390 registered delegates, 232 from Singapore (the "cradle" of the AD2000 movement), and 159 from the following nations: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and USA.
Contact: Singapore Centre for Evangelism and Missions, Raffles City, PO Box 1052, Singapore 911736, Phone: (65)291-8919, Fax: (65)291-8919, E-mail:

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