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Dear AD2-Announce Reader:

Please see the compelling Nigeria event reports in the following message from our brother Reuben Ezemadu. Praise God for these reports and for the way God continues to move mightily into the unreached peoples and manifesting His transforming power into the Church and His precious message carriers!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Nigeria AD2000 & Beyond Movement

The Nigeria AD 2000 & Beyond Movement had its last annual review and strategy consultation November 10 - 13. The theme was "GOING BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES". There were about 1,000 pastors, church leaders and workers from almost all the 36 States of Nigeria. The focus was on the remaining unreached peoples of Nigeria and how to reach them. The challenges from the presentations were so vivid that none of the participants escaped making one commitment or another to reach the tribes with the gospel. Every one was convinced that even though the target year 2000 AD is around the corner, the vision of "the gospel for every person and a church for every people" goes on till Christ returns. We are such of about 1,000 advocates, senders, goers, givers and intercessors (plus their multiple effects in their constituencies) to advance the cause of missions as we enter the next millennium.

The second event took place just last week at the State capital Lokoja of the State (Kogi) where the two main rivers that define the geography of Nigeria (Niger and Benue) converge. This was the place the first baptism of Christian converts in Northern Nigeria took place 137 years ago through the efforts of Bishop Ajai Crowther, the first Nigerian Bishop of the Anglican communion who pioneered the CMS missions into the interior of Nigeria. Research findings indicated that there were still six very unreached people groups in this state. It was my privilege to challenge the pastors who gathered at this meeting to change the status of these tribes by adopting them to be reached with the gospel. The President of the State Chapter of the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria was the first to step forward to adopt on behalf of his denomination, the toughest of the tribes - the Kakandas. Others followed until all the six tribes were adopted. Some one observed that was the last miracle of this passing millennium!

It is exciting to observe how the Lord is moving among the church leaders in Nigeria to respond to the challenges of Missions. A leading Pastor in Ibadan who has been on the other extreme of the Prosperity Teaching, spent two weeks recently visiting with some of his key associates some unreached tribes and difficult terrains in the Northern parts of Nigeria. This is the second wonder of this millennium. I believe his perspective of the Kingdom and ministry will never remain the same after all those exposures. I am eager to see what he will do as a result.

The Lord of the Harvest is drawing more "labourers" to Himself. His people shall continue to be willing in these days of His power.

Reuben E. Ezemadu -

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