World by 2000 Fourth Quarter 1999 Praise and Prayer Items

The following are the fourth quarter Praise and Prayer items for World by 2000/World by Radio. We have just over one year to complete the original objective to have broadcasts in every World by 2000 language. We praise God for what he has enabled us to do in initiating broadcasts in over 100 new languages since 1985. Here are the latest in updated prayer requests for some of the languages we would like to put on the air as well as praise reports for progress in other areas.



FRIK VELDMAN has been appointed Assistant Area Consultant for Africa. Based in his home country of South Africa, his work will include the development of World By 2000 languages. Pray for him as he gets orientated to Feba and its ministry.


The Yao are a mostly Muslim group spread between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. Anton Meyer, Yao Coordinator based in Malawi, reports a new awakening among the local people in Malawi for the Yao ministry. There are people who are at present considering offering financial support. Praise God for this awakening and pray that He will raise up people to support the work. Anton and his wife Lucy are soon to visit Mozambique in search of a Yao producer/presenter for the area. They also hope to make contact with a community-type radio station run by another Christian group broadcasting to the Yao, with a view to asking them to carry some Feba programmes. Pray that God will guide them in this initiative.


Producers of SENA and MAKONDE programmes attended a comprehensive radio production-training course in Beira, Mozambique, in September. Some traveled long distances to attend. Pray for them as they now begin to apply what they have learnt.

MAKONDE is spoken in Tanzania and Northern Mozambique, and programmes are produced in both countries, often in difficult circumstances. Plans have been approved to build a proper studio for Makonde production, in Mueda in Mozambique. Now the search for a builder is underway. Please pray for the right choice.

SENA is spoken in Central Mozambique. Pray for Carlos Tique, who is in charge of programme co-ordination and administration in the Beira office. Pray for wisdom and guidance in his work. Carlos was married on October 9th and he and his wife need a house. Please pray.


DINKA and NUER are spoken in Southern Sudan, with programmes produced in Feba's Kenya office. There has been quite a high turnover in producers in these languages, because most producers are refugees from Southern Sudan and tend not to stay long. Praise the Lord for three DINKA producers just recruited: Ezekiel Ajang, James Chilim and Alapayo Manyang. Stephen Sanya, a producer with FEBA Kenya, is now training them. Pray for a successful training process. Pray the Lord will enable the new producers to stay, to ensure continuity in the programmes. Pray for the successful outworking of plans to expand Dinka broadcasts from 4 to 7 days a week in November. Pray that the Lord will provide another NUER producer.

FEBC - Far East Broadcasting Company


Pray for the political and religious turmoil to cool down so these programs may go back on the air.


Praise God for His protection during the unrest surrounding the July elections when threats were made on the church that houses the studio where these language services are produced. They were forced to move elsewhere. Production of programs continues - but staff need our prayers.


Praise God for the reports from the program producer in this region about continual encouraging response coupled with innovative follow-up in this strongly Muslim area. The method developed there is now being adapted among the Sundanese people of Central Java.


Pray for the protection around the persecuted Christians especially among the Khmu who comprise around 50% of the total number of Christians. The government has launched a drive to expel all Christians from Luang Prabang province on the grounds of it being declared a Buddhist Heritage site by the UN.


Pray for the effectiveness and acceptance of community development programs in the Muslim area of S. Philippines as THEY build bridges into the community.

HCJB - HCJB World Radio


Praise God for new programs being produced by HCJB World Radio's partners in Georgian, Uzbek and Tajik. Pray for increased listener response and opportunities to follow up these people. Praise God for the first 40 "Words of Hope" programs that have been translated, produced and aired in the Georgian language. Pray for dedicated staff members who struggle with poor economic conditions.


Praise God that Paulos Djini is now full-time at HCJB-Australia, producing three weekly programs in Eastern Oromo. Ask God to give understanding of His love to the 28-million people in Ethiopia and Kenya who speak Oromo. He has just begun to produce programs based on the Wolof "Way of Righteousness" scripts, a chronological presentation of the Bible.


Praise God for successful contract negotiations between HCJB-New Zealand staff members and a radio station in Auckland. This ensures continuation of HCJB World Radio's local broadcasts to some of the 156 ethnic groups in Auckland. Pray for some major financial hurdles that still need to be overcome.


Praise God that a radio programmer has been found for Bemba, an underserved language spoken by about 2 million people in central and northern Zambia. Pray that programs could go on the air soon.


Praise God that Horizon Radio, in the town of Mbuji Mayi, is broadcasting programs in Songe for the first time, culminating a four-year search for a producer. More than 1.5 million people speak Songe. Praise the Lord that a person has been identified to do programming in Kituba. Pray that all the details will be worked out soon.


Pray for an accurate assessment of the need for Christian broadcast in Luri and Mazanderani, both languages spoken in Iran.


Praise the Lord that the first 20 programs have been produced in Igbo, a language spoken by 12 million people in eastern Nigeria.

TWR - Trans World Radio


Praise the Lord for the two Gypsy languages that we have on the air. Words of Hope in Romani-Balkan has been on for about three years. A new Romani language-Kalderash-began in August with 30-minutes, five days per week. South Asia Extensive research has been done by the TWR-India staff, and Bundeli is presently top priority. Pray for the sponsorship of the Bundeli programs, since they are ready to go on the air. Pray also for new or additional sponsorship for: Gondi, Maithili, Konkani, Kui/Khonds, Kuknos and Tibetan.


There is excellent progress now as the production studio has been able to engage the services of a pastor who has ministered to the Kanuri for some 20 years. He travels into Chad and Niger to collect material. We now find that the Kanuris are also scattered in isolated villages right through the Sahel, eastward to the Red Sea, even into Saudi Arabia. These villages host the pilgrims on their way to Mecca. Program resource material has been recorded through to the end of the year. Please continue to mobilize much prayer that God will use His word to reach these people for His kingdom. The sponsorship is a challenge.


These two programs have gotten off to a good start from their commencement on the 11th of January. Listener response is encouraging and increasing all the time. SIM raised money to upgrade the studio in Jos. HCJB are ordering and installing the equipment and will also train the staff on the new equipment. We are also trying to place programs on at least one local strategically placed station in Nigeria. Pray for this.


TWR has one 15-minute program beginning this month (October). HCJB's Bemba broadcast will now commence in January 2000. Pray for the provision of at least 30 minutes of programs five days a week in Bemba. MWANI Praise God for encouraging results. This language is doing well. Sponsorship has been secured for a further period. Moore Praise the Lord! A 15-minute program is to begin in January 2000. Pray for additional sponsors for the remaining programs needed. We have producers ready and a studio.


Pray for the effectiveness of the programs and the follow up for the current broadcast of five programs weekly. These programs are being written and produced with the help of a drama group and musicians on the island of Bali. They are all part-time workers. We are also starting to broadcast these programs twice a month on a local station in Singaraja, Bali. Torajanese Our new translator, as well as the three other Torajanese translators/ broadcasters, are living in Lombok island. Pray for the provision of a full-time Torajanese programmer in Studio Sentosa, where the Torajanese programs are produced.

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