Celebrate Messiah 2000 Rough Draft Program Concept

Dear AD2-Announce brothers and sisters:

Please see the attached draft program elements for the Celebrate Messiah 2000 (CM2000) event being planned in Jerusalem / Bethlehem 27 December 2000 - 2 January 2001. This draft is the 2nd wave draft, the first one shared with AD2000 Track / Task Force leaders, plus key Regional / National Coordinators a few weeks ago. We joyfully solicit your comments and suggestions on this CM2000 program draft, plus other inputs you may wish to share with us relating to the CM2000 process and plans that should be brought to our attention for consideration. Bless you and thank you for your longstanding commitment and contributions to the AD2000 & Beyond Movement - in that all seen and unseen!

That ALL may hear!

Luis Bush
International Coordinator

Celebrate Messiah 2000
27 December 2000 to 2 January 2001 in Jerusalem/Bethlehem
Launching the Third Millennium / From Jerusalem to the Uttermost
Rough Draft Program Concept


We solicit your inputs. Below are the draft ingredients of the primary CM2000 program elements, just developed with the participation of the other sponsoring movement, LCWE (Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization). We seek your prayers and inputs toward development of this historic event program. Please review and share any thoughts you might have on the purposes, plenary streams/themes, participant mix and program components by 30 October to AD2000 at Lauri@ad2000.org.<> (The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.)<>


  1. Celebrate Jesus for: Who He is! What He has done to build His church! What He will do to bring all peoples to Himself in the next century/millennium.
  2. Celebrate what Jesus is doing as the Head of the Church. Discern the major streams of living water flowing within the Body of Christ; unveil/display them appropriately.
  3. Be a blessing to God's people in that region via their invitation, encouragement and participation.

Plenary Streams / Themes (Rough Sequential Flow):

  1. Celebrating God at work in the biblical heart of the 10/40 Window - An opening welcome, music, drama and worship/celebration provided through the Host Committee - comprised of Messianic Jews and Arab Christians from the local region.
  2. Learning from those who have gone before (a panorama of church history: from the early church to the present day). Giving recognition, honor and praise / thanks to those of the Body of Christ spanning 2000 years, the first half of plenary to 1900 and the second half the last 100 years / 20th century.
  3. Assessing the status of the Unfinished Task - Providing status information, major movements and trends, etc., with praise for what God has done over 2000 years of world evangelism - with an overview picture and challenge to complete the unfinished task.
  4. Encouraging women's mobilization in world evangelization - Hear from key women leaders the stories, trends, concerns and power of women to become an ever-increasing part and force towards the completion of world evangelism.
  5. Serving the poor and needy - Hear stories, reports and current movements responding to the poor and needy people of the world and the transforming power of the Gospel when carried lovingly to them.
  6. Worshipping our Lord - A special time of worship to our Lord, set aside ONLY for this purpose, prayerfully embracing portions of several cultures, yet joyfully uplifting to us all!
  7. Covenanting for the 21st century - A Millennial Manifesto - A time of "looking forward" at a specially developed Manifesto of spiritual, social, inspirational and directional tenets for the 21st century, building on those milestone events and covenants of the last 90 years.
  8. Recognizing emerging leaders from the worldwide community - A time of spotlighting new emerging leaders, listening to their dreams and visions for the future - representing the leadership corps of tomorrow. Also includes a mutual time of affirmation of existing leaders and vice-versa to the emerging leaders, with praise and thanks to all!
  9. Mobilizing prayer - A special time of recognizing and rejoicing in the power of prayer as a foundational gift of God to the Church and His people, including latest reports and information on prayer movements and prayer resource plans for the future.
  10. Promoting global partnership and world evangelization - A time for recognizing some of the dramatic blessings God has yielded through global and regional partnerships, existing models and trends, plus praise and encouragement for the future.
  11. Acknowledging Church movements toward the Unfinished Task - Completion of the unfinished task is the responsibility of the Church of Jesus Christ! Many new and powerful church movements now exist around the world, which will be spotlighted as God is raising up new models, resources and ways for His ultimate purpose.
  12. Affirming the role of the majority church in World Missions - The dramatic growth in the Two-Thirds World is fast becoming the major portion resource in world mission enterprise. Recognition and affirmation of the role of the Two-Thirds World Church is to be spotlighted with praise and thanksgiving. Vision for 21st century.
  13. Recommitting to Jesus Christ, His commandment and His Commission - Upon close of the CM2000 event, a special time to recommit ourselves to Jesus and His Command and Commission out of His Word is planned. Close with Holy Communion.

Program Components:

  1. All-night prayer meeting on 31 December 2000 with brief reflection on eight major events in the life of Jesus, the Messiah, highlighting the theological and practical significance today.
  2. Thirteen plenary sessions at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.
  3. 12 new videos on the major affinity blocs of the peoples of the earth.
  4. Dramatic presentation and visit to Bethlehem.
  5. Prayer walking in Jerusalem / Bethlehem.
  6. National / Regional / Functional delegation planning meetings at hotels (catalyzation by key leaders).
  7. Optional tour to Galilee 3 -5 January 2001.
  8. Optional gathering with Christian leaders and tour to Jordan 3 - 5 January 2001.


Targeted - Total of 3000+ participants - with one-half emerging leaders and 40% women from 150+ countries.

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