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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Even as we grow closer to the end of the year 2000, new birth(s) in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement vision and eternal purposes continue to come forth. Praise God!

As the seeds for spotlighting emerging young leaders came forth from GCOWE '95 in Korea and were again reinforced out of GCOWE '97, increasing spirited discussions with International Students, Inc. (ISI) leadership about an International Students Track transpired in various settings around the world. By God's inspiration and provision, this has recently culminated in the vision and calling within the ISI global framework to become a new AD2000 track for International Students ministry. This timing curiously was a near overlap with the Celebrate Messiah 2000 Program planning inspiration to spotlight "young emerging leaders" as a major plenary in Jerusalem at the end of December 2000. Praise God, the ISI leadership letter and Vision / Purpose / Priorities for this new track has just been received, as shown below. Let us all join together in praise and thanksgiving to God - as we welcome this global International Students Track into the remaining fellowship time of the AD2000 Movement - and beyond!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director

9 September 1999

Dr. Luis Bush
AD 2000 & Beyond Movement
2860 S. Circle Drive, Suite 2112
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.

Dear Luis:

I trust that this letter finds you well and that God is blessing you in all that you are doing for Him. Please know that we are deeply in prayer with you as you prepare for Celebrate Messiah 2000. We trust the Lord that this will be a critical event in the history of the church in the evangelization of the world.

I am writing to you today to follow up on numerous conversations that I have had with Milan Telian as well as yourself, the evening that we chatted at the airport. Upon your urging, we have moved ahead to pull together leaders from around the globe who are leading ministries to international students. We had our second consultation meeting just this past month here in Colorado Springs. The focus of our time was to define our purpose, vision, and top four or five areas of ministry focus. God did a tremendous work in our midst, unifying us as a network of ministries around the world, with similar backgrounds and passions, that are seeking to reach foreign students while they are away from home.

The organizations partnering with ISI in this global network are International Student Ministry - Canada (ISMC), International Student Christian Services - England (ISCS), European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), Intrn'le Studenten & Akademikr - Switzerland, and International Ministries Fellowship (IMF). We also have a growing consortium of international student ministries here in the United States, including Southern Baptist Convention, Chi Alpha, Campus Crusade for Christ, The Assemblies of God, Mission America, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and The Navigators.

As you know, there are over 600,000 international students from virtually every nation in the world studying here in the United States as well as another 2 to 2 million students who are studying abroad in other countries globally. Our vision is that every international student in the world has an opportunity to say "yes" to Jesus Christ while they are in the formative stages of their lives and, in turn, can impact their world for the Gospel when they return home. We came away from this meeting with a common commitment to share our passion for international student ministry and to partner to encourage it's growth globally for the purpose of world evangelization.

Attached you will find a proposal for inclusion as the International Student Ministry Track of AD2000. While we realize that the AD2000 movement will officially disband with the culmination of CM2000, we felt a strong leading from the Lord that over the next two years it would be very advantageous and strategic for us to be recognized as an official track within the AD2000 movement. We also felt very strongly that our presence at CM2000 would be critical given the pivotal nature of this meeting as we move into the next millennium and the definition which God may provide in our midst in Israel to bring forward whatever He pleases to carry on this movement.

It is our strong contention that international students who are studying around the world are one of the most strategic niches and target groups on which the church of Jesus Christ must focus as we go into the next century. Truly, these students are the emerging, young leaders of tomorrow and will wear the mantle of leadership for the final evangelization of the unreached people of the world. We believe sincerely that it is God's timing for this vision and focus to come to the forefront and become part of the mainstream of world evangelization. We are very open to discussion and recommendation with respect to our proposal and look forward to further guidance from you on where to go from here.

May God continue to bless you in all that you are doing for Him. May He make your path straight, not only over these next two years before CM2000, yet also very clear to you and your family as to what He has for you in the future. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bob Norsworthy
First Vice President
International & Networking Ministries

P.S. We joyfully endorse the WEF Statement of Faith, the Lausanne Covenant and the Manila Manifesto as shown in the AD2000 Handbook.

Proposal for Inclusion as The International Student Ministry Track of AD 2000

GNISM: The Global Network of International Students Ministries Purpose Statement

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