A Step Forward for the Completion of the Task

A report on the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement Consultations
In Nampula, Beira and Maputo
31st July to 6th August, 1999

Mozambique with a population of 16 million has suffered long years of war and is one of the poorest countries of the world. Its climate, characterized by extremes of flooding and drought, has further impoverished a desperate population. Although its churches and Christian ministries went through a time of persecution during the years of socialist control, the Church today remains divided and many people are still bound by witchcraft.

The consultation theme, 'Mozambique for Christ' brought close to 300 denominational and mission representatives together from every province. To facilitate grass roots participation the meetings were held regionally: in Nampula for the provinces of the northern region; Beira for the central region and Maputo for the southern region. Even so, many leaders had to travel long distances and make many sacrifices in order to attend.

At each of the consultations, delegates made a decisive positive step forward as they committed to work together as the Body of Christ to complete 'the Task' in the country. So far, ten unreached people groups have been identified for specific attention. The majority of the ten are located in the more populous northern region. Many Christian leaders were surprised to discover so many unreached people groups on their doorstep.

During the consultations, as participants shared and repented of their lack of love for each other and their divisions, healing among the leaders began. A national leader repented publicly for his ill feeling towards the missionary community and shared from his heart the need for nationals and missionaries to work together.

Many people spoke of their eyes being opened to see the Vision of God for the whole of Mozambique and the world as they discussed on the remaining task in the country and beyond and heard the challenge of the AD 2000 vision from Luis Bush and Ross Campbell. As Pastor Daipa, from the Baptist Convention said, "We as the Church have been a sleeping giant. We are waking up to claim every place for His glory." Pastor Zimba, Secretary General of Evangelical Association, saw the consultation as a step for the Church to to build on as it moves towards completing the Great Commission in the country. Pastor Anacleto from Africa House of Prayer encouraged the delegates to be united and to intercede to break the strongholds of the enemy over the country.

To implement the vision of 'a church for every people and the gospel for every person person' under the banner of 'Mozambique for Christ', the delegates at each regional consultation came to a consensus to form six ongoing working groups. Each region committed to mobilise the churches and mission agencies in their respective regions for a regional initiative and to work together to form a national initiative. The working groups are to focus on: (1) the mobilisation of prayer and intercession; (2) research to evaluate the state and the progress of evangelisation; (3) the training of new workers and missionaries; (4) communication and sensitisation among Christian leaders; (5) the development of strategies to saturate the country with the gospel and (6) on going consultations. Each of the groups decided on the immediate action steps and appointed a facilitator.

The working groups are already meeting to discuss and to take action. Please pray for trust, unity and a spirit of humility among national Christian leaders and missionaries, as they partner to complete the task in Mozambique and beyond. Please pray for wisdom for working group facilitators as they facilitate the process. Please also pray for the fire of revival upon the country so that we shall see the whole of Mozambique reached for Christ.

This report was written by Yuki Ishikawa from G.R.A.C.E. For further information and/or any feed back you may have for the process and the development of the National Initiative, 'Mozambique for Christ' please contact Yuki Ishikawa by email at<>

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