18-Month Status Update: Joshua Project 2000

Dear AD2-Announce,

Greetings and blessings in Jesus! Praises be to Him for his continuing and manifold blessings on the Joshua Project 2000 initiative launched in December 1995. I pray you will rejoice with me as you see and read what's below!

We have just updated the Joshua Project 2000 status and summary data, shown below. I pray you are encouraged by what you see and sense there as, by God's power and provision, the mobilization onto the task remaining will continue to grow and be further blessed. As part of this update, please know that $80,000 was raised to help catalyze specific, targeted outreach to some of the Unclaimed/Untargeted Peoples remaining. Praise God, 29 of these Unclaimed Peoples have now been adopted for targeted outreach, as follows:

May God bless mightily these outreaches and the additional ones to be raised up via funds remaining! Let us all rejoice and praise God for how he has blessed over this past report period. Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director

18-Month Status Update: Joshua Project 2000

Significant advancements have occurred in the Joshua Project list over the last 18 months. These advances come from both a clearer understanding of existing ministry activity as well as from new church planting commitments and efforts. The criteria for the least reached peoples on the Joshua Project 2000 list are greater than 10,000 population in a given country, ethno-linguistically distinct, less than two (2) percent Evangelical and less than five (5) percent Christian adherents.

Eighteen months ago the Joshua Project 2000 list included 1510 active groups. Today the list has 1596 groups. In the last 18 months, 253 groups have been added to the active list because they fit the above criteria. During the same period, 167 groups were removed from the active list because either new data showed the group was incorrectly on the list to begin with or because progress of the Gospel moved the group above the criteria. Also during the last 18 months over 3,700 changes or edits have been made to the Joshua Project list. This includes changes such as updates to people name, population figures, percent Evangelical and Adherents, Bible translation status, etc. During this same period nearly 15,000 new pieces of ministry-related information have been reported to AD2000 & Beyond bringing the total number of records of work-among related data to well over 40,000.

Three milestones are tracked for each people group on the active Joshua Project 2000 list:

  1. Targeted - is there a specific commitment to begin church planting among this group by Dec 31, 2000?
  2. Church Planting team - is there an on-site church planting team among this people?
  3. Fellowship of 100 - is there a fellowship of at least 100 indigenous believers among this people? One of the most significant advancements in the Joshua Project 2000 list can be seen when comparing the percentages for these three milestones from 18 months ago with today.

According to the data reported to AD2000, today only 12 percent of the Joshua Project 2000 list remain untargeted. Click on the list image to the left for the current list of the untargeted groups on the Joshua Project list. As of this press release, there were 194 untargeted groups on the Joshua Project list.

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