Interdev's Mid-Year Ministry Report (Excerpts)

Dear AD2-Announce,

Greetings in Jesus and praise God for all He is doing in our midst, greatly blessing the AD2000 vision of "a church for every people and the gospel for every person" to the year 2000 and beyond.

As evidence of a portion of those blessings, please see this segment of a marvelous Mid-Year Ministry Report of Interdev, based in Seattle, Washington below. Interdev is directed by Phill Butler, International Coordinator of the AD2000 Partnership Development Task Force. Many members of which God has used to aid the development and growth of strategic partnerships to the 132 Gateway Peoples, that special, targeted prayer focus of "Praying Through The Window III" in October 1997 with over 27 million intercessors worldwide recorded.

May God be praised as you see and sense what He has done as documented through this Interdev report! Great rejoicing, thanks and appreciation to Phill and all the Interdev teams who have contributed so strategically to this compelling and inspirational report. Thank you!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director

Mid-Year Ministry Update

Significant Ministry Progress

Because of investment and prayer by our investors along with the work of our team in the field we continue to see major spiritual breakthroughs. Tens of thousands are coming to Christ and local churches are being established in places that even years ago people would have called impenetrable. Here is a brief re-cap of some of the significant ministry progress points just since June 1998.

Strategic Evangelism Partnerships:

We continued to see real progress in the number of language / people groups in which the Good News is now being shared for the first time as God's people are working together. A key indicator of progress is the number of Strategic Evangelism Partnerships operating / developing in the major Gateway People Clusters (total of 132).

Total Operating Partnership:375454% increase
Total GPC Partnerships:304550% increase
Total Developing Partnerships:387187% increase

The total number of men, women and children in the language groups where the new evangelism/church planting Partnerships have been launched in the last 12 months exceeds 300 million! What a remarkable privilege - helping take the Good News to so many for the first time.

It is particularly encouraging that nearly 400 different ministries from more than 50 countries now participate in these Partnerships. 25-30% of all participating ministries are non-Western, Two-Thirds World agencies.

Regional Evangelism Consultations (RECs):

The RECs not only serve the strengthening of current SEPs but also are a powerful spawning ground for new Partnerships. Strategically, they are among the most highly leveraged activities we undertake. In any region, the launch of these consultations are a major step forward - in some cases the culmination of 3-4 years of patient work and prayer.

During the year we have seen new RECs launched for:
Islamic West Africa22 Gateway People Clusters
China Minorities13 Gateway People Clusters
Island SE Asia16 Gateway People Clusters Minorities of Iran

A total of 13 Regional Evangelism Consultations are operational and 3 more are in development.

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