New high tech ministry funding opportunity!

NOTE: This message is about an opportunity in "Internet Time." The deadline for completion is AUGUST 15, 1999. If you delay, you'll miss out. Please pass this message on IMMEDIATELY to others who need to know about it.

Dear friends,

As we approach the 21st century, God is mobilizing the resources of the whole church to complete the task of world evangelization.

As part of this move of God, those whose part in the task is to provide funds are seeking ways to partner with new strategic ventures: they want to discover the ministry equivalent of "startup company" opportunities.

To begin that process, The Gathering (,<> Maclellan Foundation ( and ICTA (<> are co-sponsoring an experimental high tech ministry Angel Grants process.

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW to discover how to participate. And please share this information with appropriate people around the world.

In His care and joyful service,
Pete Holzmann, ICTA

NOTE: The following information is also available at

As part of an upcoming Technology Briefing at the Gathering conference in Atlanta, we're going to demonstrate a new form of ministry funding, by doing it! In the high tech industry, startup plans that are too small for Venture Capital frequently get funded through an "Angel Investment" process. For the Briefing, we're introducing Angel Grants! Here's how it works...

At the Briefing (Sep 15-16, at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta):

Proposal Information

Your proposal should:

The judges are currently discussing the factors to be used in evaluating proposals. Possible criteria may include (but not be limited to):

(NOTE: Colors and graphics will not be a part of the judging criteria. All decisions of the judges will be final.)

Proposal Template


Requester: Name, Amount Requested: $amt

Organization: Name, Region(Continent):

Track Record:
[1-2 paragraphs. Organization/founder bio and accomplishments]

Background / the need:
[1-2 paragraphs]

How this project will meet the need:
[1-2 paragraphs]

Success will be measured by:
[a few bullets]

Specific goals of the project are to:
[a few bullets; specific measurable goals]

The expected outcomes are:
[a few bullets; specific results expected]

How the grant will be used:

Please refer all questions by email to


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