Light the Window CD-ROM

A must-have tool for Praying Through the Window IV and for ministering to the unreached peoples of the world through research, adoption and networking.

As we approach the third millenium, the task of providing a gospel witness for every unreached people group on the earth is within our grasp. We can be the generation to fulfill the Great Commission. Prayer is the key. The equivalent of 50 books worth of written and multimedia information, this CD provides the essential resources to PRAY for and GO to the unreached peoples of the world.

Developed by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, the CD gathers together unreached peoples resources of Christian Information Network, Campus Crusade for Christ, and ten other organizations. Beginning from clickable links, MAC and PC users may select a profile for each strategic town in the 10/40 window, then link to information for people groups found in that location, all following the daily prayer calendar for PTW-IV. PC users will find web-browsing software included for viewing the CD's HTML files, while MAC users must provide their own browser and multimedia software that is free from the web. When the user is actually connected to the web, this CD will link to additional web sites focusing on unreached peoples.

If you are looking for a multimedia experience, this CD also delivers. In addition to eight full-length videos, you can pray along with Christian leaders for the 10/40 window, and listen to music excerpts of professionally recorded music from the "Shine Your Light Through The Window" and "Around Your Throne" albums.

New on this CD is the recently updated "Adoption Guidance Program" for churches, agencies and individuals wishing to focus on a particular group, and the newly developed "Networking Manual," for adopting groups desiring to network with others.

If you are just finding out about unreached peoples, you can catch up quickly on what God is doing in mission through the archives of Mission Frontiers Magazine, produced by the US Center for World Mission.

Even if you missed all the previous Praying through the Window initiatives, don't worry, every resource produced for Praying Through the Window I, II, and III is included, along with the materials for the current emphasis. Complete text and graphics are available to create your own Praying Through the Window promotional materials.

The cost of all of these resources would amount to several hundred dollars if purchased separately. Now you can have all these resources in a compact form for one low price.

The Praying Through the Window CD-ROM sells for $9 when packaged with a paper sleeve from CIN or AD2000 and Beyond Movement, and $11.99 when packaged in a plastic case from YWAM Publishing. Please see the contact information below. Large quantity discounts for both CD versions are available through the AD2000 & Beyond Movement.

CD contents include:

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