Jesus Day: The Vision

Jesus Day will be the largest millennium celebration of the Christian world. We believe that the prayers and worship on Jesus Day will be an important turning point for the global church. They could push us even closer to completing the Great Commission. We want praise and proclaim Christ boldly and worship him greatly on Jesus Day. We know that there is a spiritual battle for this. We ask for your prayers to loose Jesus Day in the heavens so that we see its fullness on the earth on 10 June 2000. You will have the Jesus Day prayers well ahead of Jesus Day as they are nearly finished now. The themes that God has given us for Jesus Day are listed here so that you can think about how they will work in your city or nation.


Jesus will be the centre of attention as millions of grassroots Christians gather together outside church walls to honour and worship him as we mark his 2000th anniversary. As a global act of unity we will kneel before him to say that 'he is our God and we are the people of his pasture'.


We are writing a Jesus Day Dedication which states clearly that Jesus is Lord and that we offer ourselves to work with him until the whole earth is full of the knowledge of his glory.


We sent you the Millennium Child prayer last year. It can be used as a global prayer of dedication on 1-2 January 2000. It will also be used on Jesus Day to help us make a practical Gift of Hope to the many children in this world who are in great need. In this way Jesus Day will show that God cares for the world. The Millennium Child sheet in this International Update will help you plan for Millennium Child.


We will use a statement on progress in the Great Commission from the AD2000 & Beyond Movement to help us pray for the nations of the world.


Where appropriate, we want you to invite church and governmental leaders to at least part of your Jesus Day event. In this way they can be part of this global celebration of Christ's 2000 years. We want you to pray for your own nation while they are there.


We are not having a new praise march written for 2000. There is a compilation recording of the 'best of' the Graham Kendrick praise marches available from March for Jesus USA which will help you if you like to use this sort of music. You can contact them through the Global March Office for details about this. Our second suggestion is linked to the latest work of Graham Kendrick - MILLENNIUM CHORUS. This will be broadcast on television across the world over New Year 2000. It is suitable music for choirs and you may want to plan for parts of the Millennium Chorus to be sung at your Jesus Day event. We will give you more information on this later this year. You can find out more on the Millennium Chorus website:<>


Two thousand years ago, God broke into a world in pain, separation and injustice - with a child - the Christ Child.

Two millennium later, the Christ-Child-become-man is offered by the same God to nations gripped by racial tension and violence, marital hatred and division, deeply held sexism and a godless greed for power, property, finance, fame and influence.

The first Millennium Child, gave the world a brand new start. Hundreds of millions have found forgiveness, cleansing, healing, wholeness and salvation through the Millennium Child who became the greatest personality who has walked the planet.

And He is still doing the same today, in royal palaces and among the homeless, in business groups and in our prisons, with the movers and shakers of society and those pushed to the margins of our communities.

As we enter the third millennium, God offers the Christ-Child, the Millennium Child for the healing of the nations. He retained all of his innocence and purity and God likeness through the crucifixion at Calvary and His powerful resurrection. No longer is it simply individuals or families finding salvation but soon there will be entire nations where the majority will be born-again and be made lovers of Christ.

'For unto us a child is born - Unto us a Son is given' and thank God that we live in a different world because of this gift.

Gerald Coates
March for Jesus

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