Missions Conference in Canberra

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Please see the following announcement from Australia, another good example of the kind of things God is doing within National Initiatives in these days. Praise God!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement


Mal Garvin, National Director of AD2000 and Awakening 2000, said at a national planning meeting last week that the fulfillment of the goals of these two movements would be realised if by Pentecost 2001, (when the formal programs conclude) "there is a visible, unified church that is comfortable in the community in every region and if that church is so released into the community that the Christian message is felt to be near, warm and inviting by people in that community."

The recent month of Easter festivals and earlier ones at Christmas have provided evidence that groups of churches, working together, and with a clear understanding of what it means to step out of the culture of the Church and communicate the Gospel in the context of an "open crowd", can transform community attitudes to the church and provide a point at which Australians encounter the Gospel and make friends with Christian people. Even "first time" festivals have seen half a dozen churches working together and attracting up to 4000 from the local community.

Mal says, "What these festivals provide is a place where the church has broad, legitimate contact with the community and in our experience it very often leads to the church coming firmly into the centre of community life. With the coming of the Olympics, the Centenary of Federation and the turning of the Millennium there are more opportunities than ever before in our own country for committed, intelligent Christians who know how to act strategically to reclaim ground which has been lost to the Christian community over the last thirty years."

"The 1999 AD2000 Missions Conference, "Completing the Task II", between June 23 - 25, 1999 in Canberra offers opportunity for small groups from a region (two or three is all is takes) to explore these opportunities and to work and pray together to see the church in their area released so that everyone in the region has the chance to be reached or touched.

Mal Garvin said, "This Conference is about ways of building skills of cross cultural mission so that Christians understand and are comfortable in non-church culture. It is the kind of mission in which everyone has a role. It provides a way to frame Advent, Christmas, the Olympic and Federation opportunities so that they invite Australians to an understanding of the person of Christ and His relevance to themselves."

Speakers at the Conference include Moss Nthla, one of South Africa's leading black theologians who heads up the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa and brings perspectives of mission from the coalface. Moss Nthla lives in a black township near Johannesburg and was one of the first black students to graduate as an engineer. He now pastors a church and is committed to bringing black and white Christians together.

Another overseas speaker is Viv Grigg of New Zealand. Viv has lived for years among the urban poor in Asia.

Other speakers include Michael Frost a noted Australian Christian leader and author of "Jesus the Fool", "Longing for Love" and "Eyes Wide Open". Michael is a well known speaker and teacher; Christine Caine, Director of Youth Alive NSW activities is Principal of the Youth Alive Training School. Christine is author of books on young people and the issues they face and is a dynamic, informative and innovative communicator. Pastor Tim Edwards, an Assemblies of God pastor and youth worker from Cairns in Queensland has been extensively involved in reconciliation networks in Australia and was instrumental in putting together a school in Cairns for Aboriginal children from 26 tribal communities. Major Christine Hewitt, Mission Development Director for the Southern Territory of The Salvation Army is responsible for church growth and mission development. The Rev. Sir Alan Walker, senior statesman in the Australian church and Director Emeritus of World Evangelism for the World Methodist Council will bring his Godly wisdom in a morning study and seminar. Mal Garvin will provide an overview of the opportunities that the next two year offer and the ways in which, by networking together, regions can be transformed.

In addition to speakers there will be a range of local and overseas mission organizations and AD2000 Primary Networks showcased and involved in seminars and network meetings.

For information about the 1999 AD2000 Missions Conference, June 23 - 25 in Canberra contact with Canberra office on Tel: (02) 6295 9532; Fax: (02) 6239 6871; Email: ad2000@dynamite.com.au.<>

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