Celebrate Messiah 2000 Update

Dear Celebrate Messiah 2000 attendee (perspective or committed):

Greetings and ongoing blessings in Jesus' precious name! His blessings surround us!

This message is an update in regard to: Celebrate Messiah 2000 Registration and Land Services payment timing.

Praise God for the blessings received out of the recent negotiations with the Israeli tour and conference companies regarding the International Conference Center (ICC) in Jerusalem and the costs for their coordinating and management efforts! All we have asked for has been granted, for which we give praise and thanks to God!

Accordingly, the registration period is hereby extended to 30 November 1999, at the original registration fee levels and attendant criteria as listed on the Registration Form that was originally issued. The Land Package options and Optional Tour fees also remain the same. Praise God!

Places are still available at the original negotiated fee and land and tour prices. Once those are filled we will need to negotiate further for what is available and at what price. So, if you would like to join us, register by 30 November 1999 (Registration is on a first-come/first-served basis.). Thank you!

The first payment of 50 percent for Land Services is now due by 31 December 1999. The balance of the payment remains due by 30 June 2000.

Please let us know if additional information is required, or how we can assist you. Contact: info@ad2000.org.<> (The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.)<>

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

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