From the Great Commission to the Great Completion: UPG 153

UPG153 (unreached people groups - 153) is a strategic, focused, church planting movement targeting 153 of the largest, least evangelized megapeoples (peoples over one million) left in our generation.

Faith for this vision was released during the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement/Joshua Project Southeast Asian Conference in February 1997, where nineteen nations joined together in Singapore to create a harvesting net for the unreached peoples of Southeast Asia and beyond.

Where does the number 153 come from? It's a prophetic number pointing to the end of the age. THE HARVEST IS THE END OF THE AGE! We read in John 21:11 that "Peter went up and drew the net to land, full of great fish, an hundred, fifty three; and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken."

Our do-able goal is to see at least one life-giving beachhead church established in each of these 153 UPG's by December 31, 2000, with a dynamic church planting movement in the years following.

Already sixty-four of the 153 UPG's have been adopted with active efforts being implemented on the field. The harvesting net currently consists of 2,000 cooperating churches in Russia, apostolic networks in India and the Philippines of over 1,000 pastors, 3,000 pastors in Africa, as well as hundreds of churches in Latin America and Brazil. In America, two apostolic networks, GSMA (Global Strategy Mission Association) Reserve, Louisiana, and ACM (Antioch Churches and Ministries) in Dallas, Texas, have united for this international harvest thrust.

The need in the next year and a half is three-fold:

  1. Passionate, prevailing prayer for each UPG. People profiles have been compiled by Bethany World Prayer Center, in Baker, Louisiana, and are available through GSMA.
  2. Preparation and training of an emerging coalition of international harvesters.
  3. Provision for the planting of 153 life-giving beachhead church plants.

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