AD2000 Missionary Mobilization Reports Lift-Off!

LONDON, March 10. "This IS harvest time! And this generation is as ripe for recruiting as any other generation -But we have to do it right." Operation Mobilisation's leader George Verwer told more than 60 UK-based mission agency leaders and pastors at the official re-launch of the AD2000 Missions Mobilisation Network. "This network is about inspiration, information, sharing resources and providing a catalyst for prayer." But Verwer stressed that is was critical for local churches to take the initiative. He outlined a "Acts 13 Breakthrough" proposal to enlist 200,000 new missionaries by the year 2000, and insisted that "no church is too small, too large, too rich or too poor to be involved!"

Verwer, Chairman of the Mobilisation Network, also called for a higher level of humility among leaders, a commitment to unity in the midst of their diversity. "We are visionaries without apology. We need to use every resource we can get! And once we do we will see new recruits signing up."

OM Associate Director Peter Maiden underscored the practicality of partnership with the question: "Does 200,000 new missionaries have to mean 2,000 new missionary societies?" He presented the Biblical basis for greater fellowship among missions as well as increased sharing of personnel, facilities, and resources.

Following the luncheon programme, attendees were invited to take away free audio and video cassettes including Bill Drake's 10/40 Window music video, a CD, and a wide range of books and brochures.

Mission leaders agreed that the event helped to rekindle their vision for working in closer cooperation-not 'protecting' their own territory but seeking to serve each other in order to get the job done. As Gary Clayton of OMF said: "This is the sort of thing where you meet people and your brain starts buzzing.-And that's good!"

Chacko Thomas, Coordinator of the Missions Mobilisation Network, says, "We hope many similar events will happen in other countries, initiated by mission mobilisers, agencies and churches which have this kind of vision."

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