Just Released Book -- "The Move of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window"

"The Move of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window"
by Luis Bush / AD2000 & Beyond Movement
& Beverly Pegues / Christian Information Network

An up-to-date report of the manifestations of the work of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window -a compelling and inspirational collection of field reports, verified via primary sources.

Ten compelling chapters:

  1. Challenging / mobilizing the Church to complete Great Commission mandate
  2. Signs, Wonders and Miracles Empower the Church
  3. God Is Greater Than the Powers of Darkness
  4. Disarming the Powers of Darkness / Compassion for the Lost
  5. Raising the awareness of the Church / plight of believers under siege in 10/40 Window
  6. God calling influential and secret believers in 10/40 Window to proclaim the Light
  7. The Great Spiritual Awakening in the 10/40 Window / The Growing Harvest
  8. Jerusalem: Renewal, Revival and Reconciliation in the Holy Land
  9. Paradigm Shifts in Global Missions
  10. Resources to Reach the 10/40 Window / The Final Harvest Before Christ Returns

Over 25 endorsements of key global mission leaders worldwide! Here are a few samples / extracts:

"Dollar for dollar and hour for hour, the harvest coming from the 10/40 Window nations outstrips that from the rest of the world 100 to 1."
David Barrett, World Christian Encyclopedia

"...absolutely thrilling and faith building book..."
Vonette Bright, Co-Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ

"...bursting with hope and packed with challenges to complete the task of evangelization in the least reached areas of the world."
Paul Eshleman, Director of The JESUS Film Project

"Read it; act on it; for the task before us is possible, doable and finishable."
Patrick Johnstone, Author, Operation World

"It is immensely important to see the nations through God's eyes. This book does that for us."
Floyd McClung, Director, YWAM All Nations

"To be reminded again that 'history belongs to the intercessors' is invaluable.This is a hope-filled book!"
Bill Taylor, Exec. Dir., Missions Commission, WEF

"'A thousand points of light' is what you'll get in this moving and heart-wrenching but joyous account..."
Ralph Winter, Gen. Dir., US Center for World Mission

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Thank you and God bless -- as you pray, move and minister on behalf of the remaining unreached peoples of the world!

That all may hear!

Luis Bush
International Director

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