Fresh Initiative for Mobilizing Mission Workers

The AD2000 & Beyond Movement's MISSIONS MOBILIZATION NETWORK receives an official re-launch this March 10th '99, at Operation Mobilization's international base in London, England. Network Director George Verwer explains that the mobilizing track lost impetus about 18 months ago when its leader, Pari Rickard of YWAM, moved on.

"We really want the next two years to count as we believe this will lay a foundation for a new millennium in missions. The vision to send out 200,000 new workers will continue under the banner of the 'Acts 13 Breakthrough' initiative. This strategy for the church is inspired by the example of the Antioch church in Acts 13:2, who obeyed God's leading to 'Set apart Barnabas and Saul for the work which I have called them.' We also want to help people around the globe raise support and money for mission."

The re-launch luncheon on March 10 is aimed at mission agency directors and church mission leaders in the U.K., with the hope of triggering similar events in other countries. O.M. International Director George Verwer plans to outline strategy and update progress on AD2000 in general. Chacko Thomas of South India, Associate Leader of the Missions Mobilization Network, is enthusiastic. "We all want to finish the job of world evangelization. By working together, it's possible we will see it accomplished in our lifetime!"

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