Networking / Partnership Manual
now available in the Adoption Guidance Program!

The AD2000 & Beyond Movement has continually sought to create a platform to encourage and allow agencies and churches to cooperate and coordinate their efforts for unreached peoples. This increasing interest and activity can only be attributed to a move of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of his people. Many national leaders, mission agencies and churches are seeking to bring unity to their missions efforts by supporting each other's strengths through networking and partnering.

In response to the need for assistance in forming and developing networks, the International Office of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement has updated and expanded the Adoption Guidance Program (AGP). In addition to an updated adoption section, the AGP now includes Networking, Partnerships and Advocacy. The Adoption Guidance Program offers both motivational articles and 'how-to' steps. All sections include examples of those who have been successful, as well as lists of resources for further information.

The networking portion of the AGP is a compilation of several types of networks. An extensive 'People-Specific Resource Network' section outlines the steps for finding or forming a network. Other items on the networking menu include: AD2000 Networks, National Initiatives, Church-Based (Antioch), Field-Based, Radio (World by 2000), and Strategic Alliances (AIMS).

'Partnerships' offers insights, keys and cautions from two leading organizations, Interdev and Partners International. Additionally, there is a model of a Church/Agency partnership.

You may access the Adoption Guidance Program on our web site at: The AGP will also be part<> of the new CD-ROM being produced for Praying Through the Window IV.

The CD-ROM will be available after March 1 and can be ordered from: Price per CD-ROM is $9 plus postage for 1-3 copies,<> with discounts available for larger quantities.

The AD2000 International Office will be closing early in 2001. Click here for more information.

We trust these materials will be encouraging and beneficial to you as you seek your role in advancing the Gospel among unreached peoples.

AGP Coordinator
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

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