Celebrate Messiah 2000 Planning / Preparations Continue!

Greetings for the New Year and blessings from the AD2000 International Office / Colorado Springs! In spite of the territorial disputes in the Middle East, early registration difficulties, global economic problems, etc. - the Celebrate Messiah 2000 (CM2000) vision and planning / preparations for that 27 December 2000 - 2 January 2001 event in the Holy Land continues, even now picking up new momentum as the time grows closer and the interest, needs and God's provision becomes more vivid and encouraging. Praise God!

A major CM2000 status review meeting was held mid-December wherein strong ongoing affirmation was gained, plus the new definition of a registration extension process that we wish to share herein with the worldwide AD2000 community. Please read on!

For those new - or those who have forgotten, the overall vision / purpose for CM2000 remains as originally envisioned shortly following GCOWE '95, which is:

To celebrate Jesus for:Who He is!
What He has done to build His Church!
What He will do to bring all peoples to Himself in the upcoming days!

We are most grateful to the Lord for this original vision! Beyond planning significant program portions to "celebrate Jesus for who He is", this enables program portions to "look back" on ways He has blessed building His Church during the brief tenure of the AD2000 Movement - plus reflecting on some "forward look" towards things He may do in "bringing all nations, tribes and tongues" to Himself in the 21st century / 3rd millennium. Thus, some ways these last two program portions will come forth are as follows:

At our Board meeting on 11 December there was a thorough review of the whole CM2000 status and proposed ongoing process. Upon detailed review of the registration status and contract obligations, the reasons for the original 31 December 1998 cutoff were accepted. However, beyond increase of the near 1000 now registered, there was a very strong desire that many more nations be eventually registered. Accordingly, we have agreed to proceed along the following three (3) basic phases of approach in the continuing registration process:

  1. Guaranteed registration phase: All registered by 12/31/98 are guaranteed participation per the original / issued registration criteria and costs.
  2. Space-available registration phase: All registrations received after 12/31/98 will be serviced "first come / first served" until some defined date (yet to be negotiated by the AD2000 International Office) and will be accepted at the original criteria and costs - until the selected date and/or selected total capacity has been reached. (We hope to have this defined early 1999.)
  3. Guaranteed registration / higher cost phase: All who wish to attend beyond the #2 phase above, will be subject to higher costs as later determined via IO / Israeli consultations.

We pray the above will be a real encouragement to you and the ongoing process we face. As we now stand here, just two years away from this special event, we are glad to report that our latest review process yielded these agreements - not only to increase total participants, but that more nations could also be represented. Please pray accordingly!

To summarize, please let me leave you with the latest status and go-forward plans:

  1. Phase I is now complete, as of 12/31/98, with 1000 registrations in-hand and several hundred more known in process around the world.
  2. The next phase (Phase II) will be handled on a "first come / first served" basis that reach the IO per the criteria specified above. We currently estimate (prior to upcoming negotiations) that this phase will extend to 31 March 1999. We also pray the total number will grow to the 2000-2500 participant range.
  3. As to the 3rd phase, we anticipate this being defined by 31 March 1999 - also to reflect higher registration and Land Package (lodging) costs, due to the increasing demand / pressure on the limited conference and hotel accommodations there in Jerusalem. As a side note, we understand the Israeli Government and tour company(s) estimate 3-5 million people will visit the Holy Land during the year 2000!

Please contact Lauri Dennis AD2000@xc.org for more information.<>

That all may hear,
Luis Bush
International Director

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