Resurrection of the AD2000 Missions Mobilization Network

George Verwer has resurrected the network. Praise God! Please take a moment to feedback to George in response to several questions he poses in the letter.

Luis Bush

23 November 1998

Dear AD 2000 Friends:

I'm sorry that we in the Missions Mobilization Network have not been in touch very much. When Pari Rickard moved on, a great vacuum was created and we have struggled to know the way forward.

We are now 'resurrecting' this Network and it will be based at Operation Mobilization's International Office at 39 Honor Oak Road, Forest Hill, London. I have asked C., to take on the associate leadership of the Network. I hope some of you will be able to visit us and get to know C. He and his wife, R., have been in OM for over 30 years. C. actually spent 10 years working in country before going in to the OM ship ministry. He eventually ended up as director of Logos II for a couple of years before coming to London as associate leader of the International Co-ordinating Team. We have learned to work together as a team and have other people also committed to work in the Missions Mobilization Network.

We really want to make these next two years count and believe this will also lay a foundation for a new millennium in missions. To do this, we need your help and cooperation. The vision for at least 200,000 new workers continues under the banner of Acts 13-Breakthrough 2000.

Can you help us find out how many new missionary candidates there are in your country? Could you give us the names and addresses of 10-20 of the most active people in your country who are mobilizing and recruiting for world missions? Could you also let us know what key materials about missions are available in the major languages in your nation.

We are trying to help people around the globe raise support and money for mission. Let us know if you would like, free of charge, samples of some of the materials we are using including full information on cassettes and a brochure about the Acts 13 -Breakthrough 2000 vision.

We would like to send regular information out by e-mail, so please be sure to give us your e-mail address. We especially want to pray for you and your ministry and also mobilise prayer around the globe based on Matthew 9:35-38.

In future communication, we are going to share important ideas and concepts that will help you mobilize people both as senders and go-ers into mission. We need to hear from you if you want to stay on our list, and especially know if you want to receive communication by e-mail or regular mail. We need both as there will be times when we want to send you something, i.e., books, tapes and others materials.

When you write, share some of the breakthroughs you have seen in your ministry as well as some of the obstacles you are facing. Please do let us hear from you soon. Give us a little history of your mission mobilization ministry as well.

Hope to hear from you soon

George Verwer
Director Mobilizing New Missionaries
AD2000 & Beyond

P.S. Please don't wait until you have something to report, but let us hear from you and know how you are doing.

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