World by 2000 Fourth Quarter Praise & Prayer Items

The challenge remains before us to see our commitment achieved by the year 2000but in the meantime we have much to praise the Lord in His enablement of what has already been accomplished.



SENA (Mozambique)

Sena is spoken by one and a half million people in central Mozambique. A church has existed among the Sena people for many years, but tribal religion became mixed with Christian truth and sound teaching is needed. Now groups of Sena people gather together to listen to the Feba broadcasts. Early this year, broadcasts increased from 3 to 7 days a week. At first, producers found it difficult to produce enough material but now there is a good flow of programmes.

Pray for continued inspiration for the production team. We praise God it has become possible to buy the premises we have been renting for production. Pray the Lord will provide everything that is needed to fit it out.

MAKONDE (Mozambique and Tanzania)

Makonde is spoken in Tanzania and a remote region of neighboring Northern Mozambique. In recent years a thriving Makonde church has sprung up. Feba went on air with Makonde in 1996. Programmes are produced in both countries, often in difficult circumstances as communications and facilities are limited. Pray for the plans underway to build a proper studio for the production team in Mozambique. Pray for continuous inspiration for the producers.

Recently Feba Mozambique's Church and Audience Relations officer Martinasio Tembe was invited by local listeners to visit the Nampula province, and was warmly received. Pray for continued involvement in the support of the radio ministry by the local church.

YAO (Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi)

We praise God for our new Yao Programme Co-ordinator, Anton Meyer from South Africa, who is in the process of setting up a base in Blantyre, Malawi, with his wife Lucy. Daily broadcasts to the Yao people began in 1991 and have been very well received. However, development of this ministry has been retarded as there has been no co-ordinator for the past three years. Now Anton will be there to motivate the programme suppliers and encourage them in making new programmes.

One goal is to expand broadcasts from 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day. Pray for the resources to make this possible. Pray for Anton as he explores the possibility of partnerships with other missions and Christian media groups.

Anton and Lucy have recently submitted an application to the Malawi authorities for a work permit . Please pray this will be quickly granted.

AZANDE AND TSHULIBA (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Initial investigations are underway into the possibility of broadcasting in both these languages.

Pray that helpful information will come readily to hand.

Pray for the Lord's guidance and wisdom in these early stages of research.

DINKA AND NUER (Southern Sudan)

Dinka and Nuer are air 4 days a week. Pray for the production and airtime funding necessary for daily broadcasts. Few letters are received because there is no postal system; but members of the production team who have visited the region have found many listeners - including a number of soldiers - in the refugees camps there and some listeners have visited Feba's Nairobi offices during visits to Kenya from Sudan.

Southern Sudan's refugees have no electricity and cannot easily get batteries. A campaign is underway to raise funds to provide wind-up radios. These cost $60.00 each. Pray for sufficient donations that everyone who wants to hear the broadcasts will have access to a radio.

A new Nuer producer called Motor Wang has joined the team. Pray for him in these early days of his new ministry. Pray that the Dinka and Nuer production teams will keep to the present strategy plan for the two languages, which is to help the church to develop.


Feba is working with IBRA Radio on the development of broadcasts to the Muslim BEJA people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. The border war between the two countries has hindered plans to send evangelists to the Beja people, as the potential evangelists are being taken into the army. Pray for peace in the area. Jan Eric Nyman of IBRA is planning to visit a church in Eritrea to discuss a strategy to reach the Beja people. Pray for continued interest by the Eritrean church in this project and for the Lord's leading as they discuss ways forward.

Pray too for Feba's Charlie Houston who is planning a visit to Eritrea to set up a container studio there.

HCJB (HCJB World Radio)

AFGHANISTAN: Thank God for a Christian speaker to produce programs in Southern Uzbek, spoken by 1.4 million people in Afghanistan. Pray that programs could soon air to these people who have no Christian radio or Bible in their language.

ROMANIA: Pray for the ministry of our partner, Radio Voice of the Gospel, to the Vlach-speaking Gypsies where revival is spreading. Pray that gospel radio programs would break through the barrier of spiritism that is so prevalent among these people.

NIGERIA: Praise the Lord for partners to work with in the production of programs in Igbo, the language of about 17 million people living in Nigeria. Working with the Evangelical Church of West Africa, programs are expected by January of 1999.

ZAMBIA: Praise the Lord also for a partner for production of programs in Bemba. Bemba is spoken by about four million people, mostly in Zambia. Working with the church in Zambia, we expect programs by January of 1999.

CONGO: Pray for stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have a speaker for Songe programs, but the conditions in the country do not permit going ahead with this project.

The same political unrest and fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo is slowing down our plans for production in the Kituba language. We had hoped to have something moving there by now, but this, too, is delayed.

Pray for Lee Sonius as he settles into his job of director of the Sub-Sahara Region for HCJB. He will be living in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.


  1. The Radio witness and the Personal witness.

    Pray for the church planters, those who are working directly on the ground with the church, that they may integrate the teaching and witness of the gospel radio programs with their own ministry for a greater effectiveness for the Lord.

  2. Government and local radio

    Increasingly around the world, governments are desirous of their citizens using local FM radio stations for the common good. Pray that the church and Christians may take up the challenge of establishing local FM radio ministries to present the best message, that of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  3. Spiritual growth in isolation

    Only the Lord knows those of His children that live in isolated places: isolated because they live in a culture hostile to Christianity or isolated because of physical remoteness to other Christians, friends and family. Pray that the Lord would encourage them through contacts with other Christians as possible and through Christian radio programs.

TWR (Trans World Radio)


Praise the Lord for the good Thru The Bible Conference held in Swaziland at the end of July 1998, where the new programme producers for Amharic, Hausa and Yoruba were trained. Praise the Lord for the progress of the development of these programmes.

Pray for the commencement of TTB, 30 minutes, 5 days a week in the 3 languages on 10 January 1999.

Praise the Lord that the generator purchased for the Words of Hope Twi studio in Accra, Ghana, has relieved the programme production crisis for both the Twi programmes and Ewe programmes. Praise the Lord for SIM who provided up-front funds for the purchase of the generator, and for Words of Hope and Lifeword who have agreed to reimburse SIM by underwriting the cost.

Praise the Lord that sponsorship for several of our World By 2000 language broadcasts are assured until the end of August 1999. Pray as we look toward alternative sponsorship for languages like Nupe beyond that point.

Pray for Rev. Andrew Mac Donald's extended trip to West Africa from 23 October 1998 to 18 November 1998.

Pray for the start of the Kanuri broadcast, scheduled to begin October 25, 1998. Pray for the team in Nigeria as they continue production, for clear signals and frequencies, and that God will prompt people to tune in.

Pray for sponsors for the Moore and Songhai languages.


Extensive research has been done by the TWR staff, and Bundeli is presently top priority; programs are ready and we await sponsorship. Pray for sponsorship for: Gondi, Maithili, Konkani, Kui/Khonds, Kuknos, and Tibetan.


TWR-Europe is also working on a project to distribute wind-up radios to leaders of Gypsy villages in Eastern Europe. Please pray for the successful completion of the project.

Associates - GALCOM

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to install a 1000 watt transmitter in Guatemala to reach 600,000 Guatemalan Indians

Praise the Lord for five hundred solar-powered fix-tuned radios which were able to be air-dropped by parachute into the Nayarit mountains of Mexico for thousands of forgotten Indians. The Indian tribe these radios are intended for are so inaccessible to human contact that ten men on mules would need a year to distribute these radios.

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