Audio Resource Guide

Published by Audio Communications Track (ACT)
of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement

Editor: Allan Starling
Updated June 1998


For the purpose of this Guide, Audio Communication includes audio or video recordings of Scripture and cross-cultural messages that do not require reading skills in order to be understood. Audio Communication can help to overcome several major barriers to effective communication of the gospel message, with regard to:


Audio Communications Track (ACT) partners have made recordings in languages spoken by almost 5,000 people groups comprising:

In addition to recordings, equipment and training are also available through ACT-affiliated ministries.


Contact the ministries directly at the addresses listed. In some cases they may have representatives in your country. Do not write to ACT.



The ACT is a task force of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. It seeks to encourage ministries that produce Scripturally based audiocassettes to work together to aid the church worldwide in fulfilling the great commission.


If your ministry produces cross-cultural audio or video recordings, or makes them available to others, and you would like to play an active part in ACT, contact Allan Starling at or write to:<> ACT, 122 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90026 USA.


  1. Find the resources you need by checking the HELP IN FINDING RESOURCES Section.
  2. Make sure that the agency works in your region.
  3. Read the information under the agency name in the main section.
  4. Write directly to the appropriate agency for resources or more information.
  5. See section E, page 3, when writing.

NOTE: Write directly to the appropriate agency for audiocassettes or other resources. Write to the ACT for copies of the Guide, or if you have questions or information for the Guide.




What type of audiocassettes do you need?

There are different types of cassettes available. You need to determine which ones are best suited for your particular ministry. For example:

  1. Evangelistic messages are available in the heart language (dialect) of most peoples groups.
  2. Scripture cassettes are available in major languages and are being increasingly recorded in dialects.

Q. What if recordings are not available in the languages I'm working with?
Help is available. See Section C.

Q. Do you require consultation about the use of audio materials?
Read the questions below and decide which types of cassettes you can use, then write to the agencies listed.

Q. Are you looking for evangelistic messages?
Check agencies #3, #4, #5, #7, #9 and #10.
See also section E: Requesting materials or assistance.

Q. Are you looking for cassettes of Scripture translations?
Check agencies #1, #2, #6, #8, #10, #11 and #12.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance.

Q. Are you looking for teaching on discipleship or basic Christian living?
Read information on agencies #3, #4, #5, #7, #9 and #10.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Do you desire to reach several unreached groups in your region?
The following agencies have catalogs of available languages: Agencies #1, #5 #6 and #10.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance.

Q. Are you looking for a program that encourages church members to systematically listen to Scripture recordings?
Check agencies #3, and #6.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance.

Q. Are you looking for cassettes containing ethnic music?
Check agencies #5, #7, #8, #10.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance.

Q. Are you looking for picture booklets for nonreader that accompany audiocassettes?
Check agencies #4, #5, #8, #10 and #11.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Are you looking for material on video or film?
Check agencies #3, #7, #8, #10, #11.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Are you still not sure?
If, after reading the information in this Section, you are not sure what resources are best for your needs, contact ACT giving full details of your ministry.
(See section E)



Before deciding on the use of cassette players, you need to do some research on the language group you are planning to reach. Here are some questions to ask:

Q. Do they have electricity?
Agency #5 has continuous wind cassette players that do not require electricity or batteries. Agency #1 has solar panels that can be used with conventional players.

Q. Do most of the people have their own players or access to players?
If most have their own players, you may not need to obtain players.

Q. Do you want to leave players with key people, either as a gift or on loan?
Agency #5 may be able to supply these players at a subsidized cost (or free in some cases) if they are for use among unreached peoples in areas with no electricity.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Do you want to play cassettes to a large group of people?
Check with agency #1 about other equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, etc.



Q. Do you require consultation about what audio programs to produce?
Check with Agencies #8 and #11.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Do you require technicians who can make the recordings?
Check with agencies #5, #8 and #11.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance

Q. Do you require others to help in the duplication of cassettes?
Check with Agencies #1 and #5.
See also Section E: Requesting materials or assistance



There are various types of training available. First determine your goals and needs, then contact the appropriate agency.

Q. Do you require consultation about training?
Depending on the circumstances, you may need to

  1. attend a training course,
  2. consult directly with an agency representative, or
  3. procure a manual.

Q. Do you require training in making cross cultural recordings?
Agencies #5, #8 and #11 conduct special training courses which include theory and "hands-on" practice. Agency #5 conducts courses in Korean, Spanish and English. Agency #11 includes training in how to use audiocassettes together with other media.

Q. Do you require training in using audio tools for evangelism?
Check agencies #4, #7, #8, #9 and #10

Q. Are you looking for training manuals?
Various types of training manuals are offered by agencies #4 through #12. Please specify as precisely as possible what type of training manual you are looking for.



Write to the selected agency, giving the following information: (The more details you give the easier it will be to serve you.)


  1. Audio Scripture International
    Scripture Cassettes - Players - Equipment Distribution Center:
    Audio Scriptures International
    PO Box 460634
    Escondido, CA 92046

    - or -
    101 State Pl., Ste F
    Escondido, CA 92029
    Contact: Mark Hoekstra
    Phone: 760/745-8105 Fax 760/745-8150
    Web site

    Technical Center:
    Audio Scripture Ministries
    760 Waverly Rd.
    Holland, MI 49423 USA
    Contact: Ted Zondervan
    Phone: 616/396-5291 * Fax 616/396-5394

    Description of Ministry: Our overall purpose under God's direction is to use all means at our disposal to foster the availability of God's Word in audio form to all people in their heart language, where available.

    Products, Services and Languages: Audio cassettes of recorded Scripture including the entire New Testament, portions of the Old Testament, Gospels and specially formatted Scripture on cassette for evangelism. Equipment and training for overseas recording in Asia and Africa. Scripture on cassette in 260+ languages; New Testament in 176+ languages. ASI's Technical Support Center offers expertise in field and studio recording methods, equipment, and the nonprofit sale of audio and recording equipment.

  2. Aurora Ministries
    Scripture Cassettes for the Blind
    Aurora Ministries
    PO Box 621
    Bradenton FL 34206 USA
    Contact: Daniel Madison or Steve Mattson
    Phone: 941/748-3031 - Fax: 941/748-2625
    Email: for audio cassettes<>
    Email: for the chaplain support ministry.<>

    Description of Ministry: The worldwide ministry of Aurora Ministries is directed to the visually and physically impaired who cannot read regular printed material because of their impairment. The Bible on audiocassette is provided FREE on an individual basis to this special group of people. A free hand-cranked player may be obtained for use in areas where electricity is unavailable. The only requirement for these resources is a certification of the impairment. Additionally, an audio tape ministry is available to prison chaplains, whereby resources are provided free of charge to chaplains to use in their ministry. Ministry goals include reaching those who cannot "read" regular printed material with the Word of God in a form that is usable to them.

    Products, Services and Languages: 50 languages are available, and the number increases regularly. Also Bible messages and studies in audio and prison chaplain services.

  3. Bible Pathway Ministries
    Devotional/Commentary Cassettes and Videos
    Bible Pathway Ministries
    PO Box 1515
    Murfreesboro, TN 37133-1515, USA
    Contact: Dr. John A. Hash or Secretary Karen Hawkins
    Phone: 615/896-4243 - Fax: 615/893-1744
    Web Site:

    Description of Ministry: Monthly, Bible Pathway Ministries produces a devotional/commentary for each day designed to go through the entire Bible in one year by spending 15 minutes per day. Each day's devotional is narrated on cassettes both for radio broadcasts or personal use. The devotionals are appropriate for evangelizing and discipling.

    Goal and Focus: To provide a guide to easily follow and understand all the Scriptures, which are the only infallible God-given instructions for life, to prepare us to be the persons God wants us to be in order to accomplish His purposes.

    Products, Services and Languages: God's Word, The Power of Successful Living cassette and video; In the Bible Lands cassette and video, The Indestructible Book (a history of the English Bible) cassette and video, The Bible and Bible Pathway for Busy Believers on 16 cassettes, Bible Pathway daily devotional/commentary on two cassettes monthly, available in four quarterly albums. Daily devotional public service spots in five-minute segments in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.

  4. Center for Illiterate Outreach
    (ICI University)
    Evangelistic and Devotional Cassettes
    Pictures - Media Training - Manual

    Center for Illiterate Outreach
    6300 N Belt Line Rd.
    Irving TX, 76053 USA
    Contact: John Merrell
    Phone: 972/751-1111* Fax: 972/714-8185

    Description of Ministry: The Center for Illiterate Outreach (CIO) is a division of ICI University, which has offices in more than 120 countries, servicing students in 165 countries. The CIO is dedicated to reaching out to those who cannot read the Word by using every means available to evangelize and disciple nonreaders worldwide. Audiocassette courses, based on the ICI curriculum, are the core of the program. Recently, the use of simple concept pictures (Scriptpix) to help the illiterate memorize key scripture has been integrated into the audio courses.

    Purposes: (1) Be a resource, (2) produce specialized materials, (3) provide field- based training for those working with the illiterate.

    Information and Materials: Two evangelism and three discipleship courses with accompanying Scriptpix are available (12 more planned). Six 15-minute video evangelism programs are available in more than 30 languages.

    Languages: Audiocassettes available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani, More, Swahili, Maa, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Nepali, Telegu, Indonesian, Javanese, Shuar and others in production.

  5. Gospel Recordings (Global Recordings Network) Evangelistic
    Cassettes - Players - Pictures
    Gospel Recordings
    122 Glendale Boulevard
    Los Angeles CA 90026-5889 USA
    Contact: Order Dept.
    Phone: 213/250-0207 * Fax: 213/250-0136
    Web Site:

    Description of Ministry: Gospel Recordings (GR) is part of an international network of missions called Global Recordings Network. GR works in fellowship with missions, churches and individuals to produce and distribute recordings of evangelistic messages and basic Christian teaching. These recordings are made to fit each culture and speak clearly in each language. The goal is to make the message of salvation available on cassette in every language. Our specific focus is toward unreached peoples and tribes who have not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their language, and are not likely to hear it except through audio recordings.

    Products, Services and Languages: Evangelistic messages in audio in over 4800 languages. Many recordings include ethnic music with Gospel lyrics. Also available: "Good News" and "Look, Listen and Live" cassettes, coupled with picture booklets and hand-wind cassette players. Trained vernacular media specialists are able to record with nonreaders. Training Manuals: "Cassette Ministry Manual". Training: A 12-week recordist training course offered in English, Korean or Spanish, with a future course planned in French. Publications: Newsletters available in Spanish, German, Dutch, English and French.

    Publications: Catalog of 4800+ recorded languages, arranged by country or by region.

  6. Hosanna
    Scripture Cassettes - Audio Training - Catalog
    2421 Aztec Road NE
    Albuquerque NM 87107-4200 USA
    Contact: Morgan Jackson, International Director
    Phone: 505/881-3321 * Fax: 505/881-1681
    Web Site: pending

    Description of Ministry: Founded in 1972, Hosanna's goal is to get all people listening to the Scripture, with a major emphasis on the 50% of people around the world who are functionally illiterate. Through partnership, we seek to record every translated New Testament into an audio form and serve as a repository for all Bible recordings available worldwide. Hosanna's major thrust is "Faith Comes By Hearing" (FCBH), a church Bible listening program that gets entire villages/churches to listen completely through the New Testament.

    Products and Services: New Testaments on cassette in 82 languages, 70+ children's tape titles, and a full line of blank tape and equipment for cassette ministries. FCBH technical and training services for recording Scripture are also available.

    Training Manuals: FCBH training material and narration procedures

    Publications: Product catalog, newsletter and language list

  7. International Mission Board, SBC Evangelistic and Discipleship
    Cassettes Videos - Media Training - Manuals
    International Mission Board, SBC
    PO Box 6767
    Richmond, VA 23230 USA
    Contact: Mark Snowden, Media Consultant
    Phone: 804/219-1658 * Fax: 804/254-8976
    Web Site:

    Description of Ministry: IMB is engaged in being "on mission with God" to bring all peoples to saving faith in Jesus. It is the international missions arm of the Southern Baptist Convention and works with 57 Baptist media production centers around the world. Presently, more than 4,200 Southern Baptists serve in 125 or more countries. More than 10% of its personnel and financial resources are dedicated to planting churches among the least accessible peoples of the world. It is a worldwide outreach to Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe/Middle East and the "10/40 Window".

    Products, Services and Languages: Audio evangelism, discipleship, ethnic music, video/film, and phone ministries.

    Training: Chronological Bible Storying Workshops and Regional Media Production Workshops.

    Manuals: Media in Church Growth and 250+ Case Studies, Models and Papers.

    Publications: The Commission magazine and On Mission with God video series

  8. Lutheran Bible Translators, Inc.
    Scripture Cassettes - Pictures - Videos
    Media Training - Manuals - Consultation

    Lutheran Bible Translators, Inc.
    303 North Lake Street
    PO Box 2050
    Aurora IL 60507-2050
    Contact: Suzanne Zobel, Vernacular Media Coordinator
    Phone: 630/897-0660 or 800/532-4253
    Fax: 630/897-3567
    Web Site:

    Description of Ministry: Lutheran Bible Translators is an independent mission organization dedicated to helping bring people to faith in Jesus Christ through Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use ministries.

    Goals: To provide people with access to God's Word in their own language and to enable churches and individuals to be actively using the translated Scriptures in ways which make a difference in the spiritual lives of people; To train and equip indigenous personnel with skills and resources to carry forward translation, literacy and Scripture use ministries (including media ministries) in their languages/countries.

    Media Related Products and Services: Trained media specialists are able to service needs for audio recordings for cassette and radio programs and for audio-for-video dubbing, including the Jesus, Matthew, Luke, Acts, God's Story and Genesis videos. Recording techniques enable the use of non-reading speakers in village or studio settings. Old and New Testament visuals are available for use with audiocassettes and traditional storytellers or for development as flipcharts, posters, and filmstrips. A consultant is available to advise language teams and indigenous churches/agencies on effective selection, planning and implementation of media resources and strategies. Training (including manuals) is available for the development of skills in all aspects of vernacular media planning, production, and use.

    Languages: Currently active in more than 45 language programs.

  9. M/E International, Inc.
    Evangelistic and Discipleship Cassettes
    Media Training - Manuals

    M/E International, Inc.
    1061 N Shepard St - Unit D
    Anaheim CA 92806 USA
    USA Contact: James R. Ford, President
    Phone: 714/630-2000 * Fax: 714/630-5279

    Description of Ministry: M/E International has been in existence since 1948. Currently M/E works cooperatively with GIFTS (Galilian International Film and Television Service) helping them to implement a mutual Cassette Discipleship Program (CDP) using Village Evangelists (VE's). Networking with evangelical agencies effectively multiplies capabilities and personnel resources. The effort is to reach 800 million souls in villages on a regular basis, forming home churches for growth to regular churches within the accountability/authority of strong Bible believing, evangelical church denominations. The desire is to network with all possible mission groups to better help agencies do their job and provide enabling funds.

    Products, Services, and Languages: Structured dialogue messages on four cassettes where two evangelists discuss with two villagers. VE outreach translations of CDP messages are available in seven languages with five more in production. Training aids available for village evangelism.

    Publications: Monthly newsletter.

  10. Scriptures in Use
    Serving Americas, West Africa.
    Scripture and Music Cassettes - Pictures - Videos
    Media Training - Manuals
    Scriptures in Use
    7225 N. Mona Lisa Rd. Suite 201
    Tucson, AZ 85741 USA
    Contact: Jim Bowman or Gary Lovelace
    Phone: 520/297-3639

    Description of Ministry: To provide training, consultation and resources for grass roots church planters using written, audio and video forms of the Scriptures. SIU works primarily around Bible storytelling themes and has developed resources and follow-up strategies for church planters to overcome the barriers of pre-literacy and functional illiteracy in the local vernacular language through storytelling.

    Products, Services and Languages: "Jesus" film, audiocassettes of the "Jesus" film, narration sound-track only in over 50 Latin American languages, follow-up discipleship course to the "Jesus" film 50 photos from the movie reviewing the principal spiritual themes in Spanish.

    Audio: Evangelism, Scripture, Ethnic Music, Video/Film.

    Training: "Communications Bridges" A four day field-based training workshop includes a printed manual/guide and wordless picture books with flip charts, available in English and Spanish. This course is for grass roots church planters working among non-literate people groups and focuses on storytelling and the integration of audio visual tools into a church planting strategy. Available in Spanish and English. How to Use the Jesus' Film in Context, a 30 minute video in Spanish. Product Catalog also in English and Spanish.

    Manuals: 1. Discipleship through Storytelling Flip Charts and Guide in Spanish or English. 2. Communications Bridges for Non-literates facilitators' manual for grass roots church planters.

  11. Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
    Scripture Cassettes - Pictures - Videos
    Media Training - Manuals - Consultation

    Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
    Vernacular Media Services
    PO Box 248
    Waxhaw, NC 28173 USA
    Planning, Programming and VMS Training: Marilyn Malmstrom
    Phone: 704/843-6572

    Technical and Production Information:
    Durk Meijer
    Phone: 704/843-6563 * Fax: 704/843-6524
    Email: VMS_Secretary_JAARS@Sil.Org

    Description of Ministry: The purpose of SIL is to serve the ethnic communities of the world in meeting their deepest needs through seeking to assist them in all areas of language development. The mission of SIL's sister organization, Wycliffe Bible Translators International, is to glorify God in obedience to the Great Commission through a unique strategy that integrates Scripture translation, scholarship and service so that all people will have access to God's Word in their own language. Vernacular Media Services (VMS) exists to assure that all people will have access to God's word in their own languages, even those who cannot or do not read. VMS encourages a variety of vernacular media tools to provide vehicles for the non-reading population to access the Scriptures as well as other information that will benefit members of ethnic communities.

    Products, Services and Languages: Videos in vernacular languages, such as Jesus, Genesis, Matthew, Luke, Acts, God's Story, and the USAID Health videos, audio programs for audio cassettes and radio, color pictures of Old Testament and New Testament stories to accompany audio cassettes or native storytellers, other Bible artwork in flip charts or filmstrips. (Write for information about eight Bible stories on filmstrips.) Trained Vernacular Media Specialists are available to record audio and audio-for-video, doing village productions using nonreaders as speakers. Training is available for the development of skills in all aspects of vernacular media planning, production, and use.

  12. United Bible Societies
    Scripture Cassettes - Training Manuals
    United Bible Societies
    Reading Bridge House, 7th floor,
    Reading, England RG1 8PJ
    Phone: 44-(0)1189-500200.
    Fax: 44-(0)1189-500857
    Web site:
    Contact person: Viggo Sogaard, Media Consultant.

    Description of Ministry: The United Bible Societies (UBS) is a worldwide fellowship of more than 100 National Bible Societies, and covering approximately 200 nations and territories. The primary purpose of UBS and its member Societies is to make the Scriptures available to all people through languages they understand, through formats that are relevant, in media that are appropriate, and at a price they can afford. Bible Societies work in partnership with all churches in achieving its goals of making the Word of God "open for all" and "life for all." Hundreds of translation projects are going on around the world, and the publishing program includes a wide variety of Scripture products in different media. UBS service centers are located in different regions of the world, and through such centers training and consultancy is made available.

    Goal and Focus of Media Program: It is recognized that probably less than half the world's people read, so a new emphasis has been placed on reaching those that have so far been outside the reach of Bible Societies. These include the non-literate, the poor, the marginalized, those in other religions, and the suffering. Whole Bibles are made available on audiocassettes in different formats, and many selections are produced on cassette for different audiences and purposes. A cassette-based literacy program has also been developed. Apart from audiocassettes, some Bible Societies have produced videos with selected Bible portions. Some of these are in dramatic style for use in evangelistic programs. In some countries, UBS also produces television and radio programs, and several multimedia products are available.

    Products, Services and Languages: Promotional material is available through regular UBS publications and news services. A special Audio Scriptures Handbook is available in English, Spanish, and French, and sections in various other languages. This handbook is the primary training manual for Bible Society staff. A Video Scriptures Handbook will also be produced. UBS has also developed an Audio Video Scriptures Database with approximately 1,600 entries. This database is available in Access format (648 KB).

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