Brazil: Declaration Of The
First Consultation Of Denominational Leaders
On Saturation Church Planting

We, leaders and intercessors from 22 denominations and 19 institutions, meeting in Sao Paulo on June 1-3, 1998, continuing the thrust of the AD 2000 Movement and the Brasil 2010 Project, primarily constrained by the love of Christ, declare our understanding of the need for church planting, and affirm our commitment before God, the people of Brazil and the church. We recognize that we are at the beginning of a mobilization process; that our churches are not strategically located in order to reach the entire population; that we have worked in isolation, and at times in competition with one another; that there are churches which remain unaware of the needs of the communities which surround them and which insist on exclusivism and denominational barriers instead of seeking unified action; that we must involve all of the opinion-making leaders of all denominations; that in humility before God and our neighbor we must seek a clearly articulated vision.

We accept the responsibility of confessing our negligence toward the church of Jesus Christ; of developing a humble attitude, fighting for unity and the breaking down of the barriers between us; of performing and studying the results of well-done research; of setting priorities; of making ourselves aware of the plans that are already in process in the various denominations; of maintaining a Christian behavioral ethic, especially in regard to the differing opinions and efforts of the churches; and of planning the planting of churches where the people are-churches which will be healthy, agile and relevant to their contexts.

We propose the following: To improve the training of believers and leaders in accordance with this vision; to encourage worship and personal witness of the Gospel and discipleship in a lifestyle compatible with this vision; to develop appropriate materials and prepare teams of researchers; to develop a unified terminology; to discover and publicize accurate data; to analyze the effectiveness of the pre-existing plans; to systematically bring together national, regional and local leadership to continue the progress of this vision; to develop joint projects by way of partnerships; to begin specific programs in theological training institutions to prepare church planters; to rediscover the role of the evangelist; to reawaken our people to the study of the Word and intercession with fasting and constant prayer; to rethink the value of the church building in and of itself; to prioritize the use of financial resources for people before buildings and equipment; to challenge the churches to be a transforming force within society; to use all available communication resources, including the Internet.

We set as goals the planting of a church for every neighborhood, town and city, and ethnic group or other group of 1,000 people, which will require 180,000 new churches by the year 2010, and a cell group for every 100 people; the challenging and equipping of every believer to be a minister, and every Christian home a church; the creation of local centers for data accumulation; the development of an information center at Sepal; the maintenance of direct contact with the denominational leaders responsible for decision-making.

May God bless us, and may it all be for His glory!

Baptist Tabernacle Church of Manaus
Bethesda Christian Community
Brazil for Christ Church
Brazilian Baptist Convention
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Convention of Independent Baptist Churches
El Shaddai Restoration Ministry
Evangelical Assembly of God Church
Evangelical Congregational Church
Evangelical Christian Presbyterian Church
Evangelical Church of Holy Missions
Evangelical Mennonite Church
Grace Community
Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil
Jesus Lives Church
Living Word Baptist Church
Mancial Evangelical Church
National Baptist Convention
New Alliance Pentecostal Church
Presbyterian Church of Brazl
Southern Zone Christian Community
Weslyan Methodist Church
AD 2000
Agape Reconciliation
Antioch Mission - Valley of Blessing
Avante Mission
Bible Society of Brazil
Brasil 2010 Project
Campus Crusade for Christ / Jesus Film Project
Christian Research Institute
DAWN Ministries International
Evangelical Missionary Linguistic Association (ALEM)
Go to the Nations
International Mission Board - Southern Baptist Convention
Scripture Gift Mission - SGM
Sepal (OC International Brazil)
South America Mission - SAM
South American Theological Seminary
Word of Life Biblical Seminary
Youth With a Mission - YWAM (JOCUM)

Sao Paulo, SP, June 3, 1998

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