PNGAM Salim Mi 2000 Project

What is PNG Missionary Association?

PNGMA is a Missionary Sending Agency. It is Indigenous, Non denominational and Evangelical.

Mission Statement

The work of PNGMA involves: Mission Mobilization in the Churches, Establishing & Facilitating GPW Missions Prayer Groups, Developing Strategic Partnerships for Evangelism to the Unreached of Indonesia, Recruiting and deploying harvest labourers in teams for Research, Prayer Journeys and Church Planting through our "Salim Mi 2000" Programme, consistent with the AD2000 and Beyond Movement 10/40 Window emphasis called Joshua Project 2000.


Our goal is to contribute to the establishment of a Church Planting Movement for each of the five unreached people groups of Indonesia namely: Sundanese,Madurese, Minangkabau, Lampungese and the Sasaks of Lombok.

Brief History

Papua New Guinea Missionary Association (PNGMA) is an Indigenous Non Denominational Evangelical Mission Agency. It was founded by Walo and Namana Ani while they were students at the Christian Leaders Training College in 1982. First as a Missions Prayer Group and then later in 1988 it became a Mission. Mr. Raka Taviri Snr. has been our Chairman since the Organization was accorded the status as a Community Organization in 1988 by the Government of Papua New Guinea.

Project Description

"Salim Mi" is a Pidgin English phrase. In English it means, "Send Me". The Biblical basis for "Salim Mi 2000" is found in Isaiah 6:8. Isaiah responded to God's call and replied, "Here am I Lord send me". Isaiah recognized the urgency of God's call and offered himself to God's service. We in PNGMA today are challenging men and women from our country to accept the spirit of Isaiah's call to the field. We desire to present the challenge of the Unreached world to our people. We hope that this will compel them to say, "Yes Lord I'm ready, You send me".

This Project is a PNGMA Initiative


We established our Mission Head Quarter in Port Moresby in 1988. Our Head Office has coordinated a number of major national and international short term ministries in the past ten years. A few examples are listed below:

We have also established a Missionary Training Centre at Kiru, Central Province about 142kms along the east coast of Port Moresby. Our Mission has trained and sent out over 50 Missionaries in the last 10 years to various parts of the world including Pakistan, Philippines, England, Australia, Japan and Indonesia.


Our Mission is involved in a number of exciting Strategies to reach out to the Unreached peoples.

  1. Missions
    We are currently focusing on Missionary work in Indonesia. We have 5 Missionaries out there and they will be joined by another four by the end of this year 1998. Last year 1997 the PNGMA General Conference appointed Mr Graham Naiman as our first Field Director for Indonesia. Graham Naiman and his wife Iru are now leading our teams in Indonesia. They are based in West Java.

    Labourers Needed
    Four of the five Unreached people groups which we have adopted have our Tent - Makers strategizing to reach them. We need more Tent Maker Missionaries. In 1998-99 we are negotiating opportunities for six (6) Bahasa Indonesian Language students, two (2) Bahasa Indonesian Teacher trainees, two (2) Techenical students, two (2) Seminary students and one (1) student to undergo a 12 months study of the Theological Practices of the Church in Indonesia. We also need many Local Churches and Fellowship groups to take small groups of 5-7 people on Prayer Journeys to unreached peoples in Indonesia to encourage our on site Church Planting workers. These teams will need to undergo the PNGMA Salim Mi2000 Orientation before going out. The duration of the Prayer Journeys are from two (2) weeks to one (1) month. The long-term opportunities in PNGMA SM2000 ranges from one (1) to five (5) years.

  2. Partnership
    United Church East Papua Mainland Region Last year 1997, PNGMA and United Church East Papua Mainland Region entered into a partnership agreement for combined ministry in the region and also overseas. This partnership has opened up lots of doors to assist the region with its spiritual development programs through the Kiru Training Centre. We have started with the Keapara Circuit and will gradually move to other centers throughout the Central Province.


Medium & Long range plans

We have a vision to develop the property where our Cross-cultural Training Centre is now based. This development plan will include facilities for Cross-cultural Training, Sports and Leisure Ministry, Community Development Training, Non Resident Missionary Orientation and Touch A People School of Prayer, as well as our new Administration setup. We hope to mobilize over 1,000 Non Resident Missionaries to make a Mission trip to Indonesia in the next 5 years. This has already started in 1997. We need prayer and sponsors for this major project.

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