Survey for Joshua Project 2000 list of Unreached Peoples

The AD2000 and Beyond Movement is in the process of conducting a survey to update the status of work among Joshua Project 2000 peoples.


The purpose of this survey is to take a third step toward "a church for every people and the Gospel for every person." The first step was to determine a widely agreed upon list of priority least evangelized ethno-linguistic peoples. The result was the formation of the Joshua Project list of least reached peoples. This list is continually undergoing refinement and has significant updates since last published in April 1996. (The updated list is downloadable from the web site, under the people profiles section.)<>

The second step was to determine which of the groups on the list had a reported church planting effort in their midst. After gathering over 25,000 pieces of information, some groups on the survey remain 'unclaimed'. Unclaimed groups have no reported church planting in their midst and do not have a reported mission agency pledging church planting in the near future.

This third step is to determine the status of the indigenous church among these peoples. While step two measured exposure, this third step seeks to measure response; what is the result of the church planting efforts? The minimum goal of the Joshua Project is to see a pioneer church-planting movement resulting in 100 or more Christians in one or more reproducing fellowships. We deeply value your input and trust that the Lord will encourage you as the global picture of what He is doing becomes clearer and clearer.


You are a busy person and probably wondering why you should spend the time to fill out this survey? Here are several key reasons why completing this survey is worth your while.

  1. Promote partnership - learn who else is working among the peoples your organization is targeting, know how to contact them, develop new or participate in existing networks focusing on specific peoples.
  2. Avoid duplication -maximize the use of Kingdom resources by avoiding unnecessary parallel efforts.
  3. Visibility for your organization - Potential donors and staff are using the Global Guide to Unreached Peoples as a decision making tool regarding where to invest funds or go as missionaries.
  4. Strategic planning - knowing where the most needy groups are allows your organization to make strategic decisions concerning new fields to enter, personnel assignments and re-aligned focus.

    Survey Items

    Security and Publication:

    While it is the desire of the AD2000 andBeyond Movement to promote ministry partnership and networking for maximum impact and efficiency, we do not wish to jeopardize or compromise any ministry activity. Through consultation with a number of key mission leaders and researchers a security filter has been created to protect sensitive information. The levels of security are:

    Level 0:Open information, no security risk, publishable data.
    Level 1:Moderate sensitivity, only summaries or counts published.
    Level 2:Significant security, no information or summaries published.

    These levels apply to both countries and to individual peoples. The country security level is applied to all peoples within that country. For example, the country of Afghanistan is a level two security country. Any publication of data for people groups in Afghanistan will only have 'Not Available' listed. An individual group may have a higher security level than their country, see the Songhai of Burkina Faso for example. Burkina Faso is open information country, but the Songhai are level 1 security. Only summaries of activity among the Songhai will be published. Following these security guidelines, the publishable (NON-SECURE) information you provide below will be shared with the broader Christian community through CD-Rom, the Internet and possibly compiled in printed form into an updated version of the Global Guide to Unreached Peoples.

    Full data will be shared confidentially with carefully screened individuals or organizations also focusing on this people. For the most sensitive situations, if you still feel uncomfortable with this security system, you can mark column D for any particular group and we will not associate or connect your organization with this information. IN THESE CASES, WE WILL RECORD CHURCH PLANTING ACTIVITY AMONG A PEOPLE FOR STATUS ING PURPOSES, BUT NOT LINK IT TO THE ORGANIZATION THAT IS DOING THE CHURCH PLANTING OR REPORTING THE INFORMATION.

    The survey will be sent automatically to those who received the initial mailing. If you or someone you know did not receive the earlier survey, but would like to respond now, please send your name, agency and mailing address to the AD2000 and Beyond Movement at Thank you.<>

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