Global March For Jesus International Update

December 1997

Global March for Jesus: 30th May 1998

Waves of Prayer and Revival

It is widely regarded that more Christians have been martyred in this century than all others together, since Christ.

Christian leaders are regularly imprisoned on false charges in growing numbers of nations. Christians who have shared their faith in exclusively Islamic nations risk both life and limb for "blasphemy." China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia are among nations persecuting Christians. Mobs have wiped out entire villages in Pakistan.

At the same time almost a tenth of China's population have turned to Christ amid terrible persecutions. Almost a third of those living in South Korea are followers of Christ. On May 17th 1997 almost one tenth of Sao Paulo's population turned out to March for Jesus and pray for a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Has there ever been such a time when so many who loved Christ are engaged in focused and continual prayer? During May 1997 ten million people in a hundred nations took to the streets to March for Jesus and declare that He is the answer to the needs of the world. In the UK tens of thousands went up and down the streets of Britain praying for households and those who work in offices. New Zealand, the USA and other nations are doing the same.

Prayer, persecution and revival are filling the nations of the earth- our Lord's inheritance. On May 30th 1998 we shall March for Jesus in over a hundred nations and remember the persecuted body of Christ.

"Demonstrate the Passion" will us allow us to express our love for our brothers and sisters through prayer and public witness. We shall do it together, in a twenty four hour period around the globe. At such a time as this it is a privilege to be standing together in the nations of the earth for our creator and saviour Jesus Christ. Do all you can to Demonstrate the Passion.

Gerald Coates Founder

Prayer Assembly 1998

THEME: The theme of the prayer assembly is the SUFFERING CHURCH with the title; DEMONSTRATE THE PASSION.

TIMING: This prayer assembly will take 20 to 25 minutes not including the song at the end.

PRAYER FOR A NATION WHERE CHRISTIANS ARE UNDER PRESSURE: The 50 nations where Christians are under most pressure are being shared out among the nations joining March for Jesus 98 for prayer. Each of these nations will have at least two other nations praying for them. You will be sent information on your nation in January. If you need this earlier, or if there is a nation you would like pray for, please let the Global March Office know as soon as possible. We are asking the closed nations to send through up-to-date prayer points where they can. We will forward any we receive from your nation to you.

CAUTION ABOUT STORIES: If it would be insensitive or harmful to share some of the stories in this prayer assembly in your situation, please adjust them. Do not hesitate to contact the March for Jesus Office in the UK for advice.

OPEN DOORS SUPPORT FOR MARCH FOR JESUS: Open Doors with Brother Andrew across the world are supporting this prayer effort strongly. You are welcome to contact their local office to develop appropriate partnership with them for your march in 1998. Other agencies working with the suffering church are also being approached at present. Please contact the MFJ Office if you would like more information about this and on how you could link with Open Doors.

FOLLOW UP STRATEGY: You are free to come up with an appropriate action strategy relating to the suffering church for your march. You may wish to encourage the marchers to follow through with further prayer and letters regarding situations in the nation you have prayed for. You may wish to give marchers the opportunity to link up with agencies who support the suffering church. Possibilities for action include: letters to prisoners / widows, providing Bibles and Christian literature for the suffering church, letters to governments. Especially if you want to contact governments about the suffering church, make sure that you have wise advice from those who do work among the suffering church. Please inform the March for Jesus office of any follow up strategy you adopt.

If you would like the prayer assembly script e:mailed to you, please let us know.

GLOBAL MARCH FOR JESUS CONFERENCE Sunday 20 September to Wednesday 23 September 1998. To be held in Austin, Texas, USA. Gerald Coates, Roger Forster, Lynn Green and Graham Kendrick will take part. Put this in your diary. Start planning to be there for this important opportunity for fellowship, and to look at how the impact of March for Jesus on the life of the church in your nation can be maximised for the next millennium. More information later.

NEW VIDEO; "Staying in step" The new video expressing the core values of March for Jesus is in production. It will be ready by the end of the year. It will be 15 minutes long and will be a useful tool for explaining the marches to church leaders and for training march organisers. Key points covered are: unity, visibility, grassroots mobilisation, centring on Christ, servanthood, humility, relationship, responding to challenges.

Please tell us your March plans for 1998

Nation Notes

New Zealand

On Wednesday, 1 October, thousands of Christians in 40 towns and cities gathered together in citywide prayer rallies as part of "National Concert of Prayer". This prayer event was organised in combination with "PrayerWalk NZ" earlier that week. "The Prayer Rallies varied from 30 people in smaller centres to 1,300 in the Christchurch Town Hall where a citywide 90 voice choir lead the worship with special guests mime and dance artists Todd and Marilyn Farley for theUSA." >"These "Concerts of Prayer" were a wonderful opportunity for Christians from many different churches to come together and celebrate together what God did during the prayerwalking", says national coordinator Gideon Hoekendijk, "and gave further opportunity to pray for the wider needs on our towns, cities and nation". A "Concert of Prayer" combines times of prayer for our towns, cities and nation, with times of singing, worship, drama, dance and special music. Part of the evening programme focused on the "Praying Through the Window III" global prayer effort for the unreached people groups in the 10/40 window. The Combined Prayer Events "PrayerWalk NZ" and "National Concert of Prayer" are planned again for 1998.


Argentina's second largest city, Cordoba, saw 25,000 people take to the streets on 27th September to celebrate the name of Jesus. Pastors and leaders congregated in the Plaza Colon and prayed for a number of different areas including the government, the police, the youth and family.


Christian Far East Ministry is planning to hold a March for Jesus in Chiang Mai, Thailand on December 6th. It will be in conjunction with a Thai Christmas Festival. Please pray for many participants and a very successful day for the the Lord.


E-mailfrom Sten-Ake Bredmar:
"We have made in my church a national call for 40 weeks of prayer and fasting and are inviting churches to participate. We are grouping the churches in prayergroups, seven churches in each group, and they are praying and fasting for revival one week at a time and then for six weeks asking the Lord to bless each and every church in the group one at a time.

The number of churches are growing every week. Today we have some 20 churches and many more are coming. On 30th of May all churches will gather in Stockholm for a national prayer meeting. One part of that prayermeeting is the Jesus March."


On the 7th June 1997, prayerwalks were organised in different cities modelled on the English resources. The feed-back was good. It was the first time such prayerwalks took place. 1500 people attended and leaflets were posted through people's doors. For 1998, plans for a march in Amsterdam are under way. The team is working at getting an authorisation from the Government to march through more significant streets in the capital.


They are planning to have a march on May 30th 1998 in Copenhaguen. The same team is working to plan ahead. They are expecting between 5000 and 7500 people to march.

Prayer Update

Central African Republic

A crisis has caused missionaries to be withdrawn from Zemio. Please pray for God's guidance for the CAR missionaries and for unity between church leaders at this time.


The National MFJ Co-ordinators Conference had to be cancelled at the last moment. Please pray for encouragement and wisdom for the National Committee as they are trying to organise another gathering in January. The march plans are still going very well.


The National Co-ordinator has stepped down. Please pray that the vision would be taken on board and that we would find new contacts in time for the next Global >March.


There will be a MFJ Board meeting at the end of this month. Please pray for God's guidance as the members are planning for 1998.


Please pray that March For Jesus would emerge as a tool unifying the churches in the nation.

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