Niger: A Unified Effort To Reach The Unreached

Niger is probably the least evangelized nation in Sub Saharan Africa. Sadly also there is a history of schism in its churches. However, since GCOWE'97 the issue of unity has been stressed. A recent report tells of an unprecedented meeting of over 200 church leaders during October 5-8. This is an incredible achievement in this relatively large country with less than 150 small, struggling congregations.

The report states that, "After more than 70 years of missionary work in Niger, this meeting promises to be an important milestone in the history of the church." The report went on to say, "The major objective of the meeting was to strengthen the notion of unity in the Body of Christ in Niger. Hand in hand with this went the need to form an alliance of churches and missions. As a result, a declaration was signed that demonstrated the desire of each association to work together, while respecting each others separate identity."

After the above meeting, all 17 of the churches and missionary organisations in Niger saw the need for a Christian umbrella organisation that will speak with one voice for all Christians. Following are the main objectives:

  1. To write a constitution for such an organisation to be presented to the government.
  2. To set up a committee to be responsible for collecting statistical data related to Christianity in Niger, for disseminating information about the needs as well as the extent to which the Gospel has been spread in Niger.
  3. To set up a committee responsible for organising conferences, outreaches, seminars, etc. This committee is to involve all Christian denominations and missions in the country.

The report concluded with, "God's work is progressing in the country!"

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