Brazil: a sleeping giant's brave dream

Brazil: a country with around 161 million inhabitants and which, with an area of 8.511 million square kilometers (3.32 million square miles), constitutes around half of South America; even a very casual analysis of the situation of the country's church shows that many more local churches must be planted.

So says "Brasil 2010", a strategy movement coordinated by Mario Scartezini Filho.

Around 18 million, or 11% of Brazilians consider themselves to be Evangelicals. This number is growing at 5.2% per year, which is 2.7 times faster than the population growth of 1.9%. 139 indigenous peoples, or 59% of the people groups in Brazil, are considered unreached. And this doesn't consider the mostly unevangelized Northeast region, the largely nominal Southern region, nor the isolated river villages of the Amazon region. The "Brazil 2010" project has set the target of planting 150,000 new churches by the year 2000. With this, they aim to plant a local church within the reach of every inhabitant during this generation.

The project considers itself to be a national expression of the DAWN strategy and the church-planting track of the AD2000 Movement. To assist in achieving their aim, they have divided the country into over 5,000 districts and areas. Each district will have a general, prayer, and research coordinator to motivate local churches to fulfill their part of the task. The project does not attempt to eliminate theological differences or replace existing denominations, but instead, aims to help them increase their effectiveness and fulfill God's calling in the spirit of mutual respect.

"Brasil 2010" has recently published the results of its research, coordinated by Larry and Stephanie Kraft.

Source and information: Brasil 2010, CP 65, CEP:70359-970, Brasilia, DF, Brazil. Fax (061)-346-7473. Internet:

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