GCOWE '97 Follow-up in Africa

By Ross Campbell, AD2000 Associate for National Initiatives
Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Greetings from Accra, Ghana were I have just arrived after meetings further east with AD 2000 leaders from Nigeria, Benin and Togo.

GCOWE '97 / ANI has been the most successful international conference in my experience in terms of ongoing impact and implementation. Each of the African countries came out of GCOWE with at least 6 action steps and from all accounts these are being vigorously pursued.

At GCOWE / ANI each country reviewed together the status of evangelization within the nation and its contribution to world evangelization with particular reference to least evangelized peoples, areas and classes. Also in their working groups they reviewed were they were at in the process of developing a full blown National Initiative.

The resulting reports and action steps, which were submitted at the close of GCOWE, have been typed up and returned to NC's with the view to encouraging the involvement of a larger and broader spectrum of leaders in the process and of course implementation. I am now in the process of getting feedback and confirmed / endorsed plans of action of countries. Also were possible I am doing in-country visits.

What we anticipate is that every country will carry the assessment process to a more concrete level and hold a National Consultation within a year or GCOWE. With regard to the assessment process our expectation is that as a minimum every country will complete a "Work among Survey" for:

Its JP 2000 list Peoples as a & All its remaining Ethno-linguistic peoples as listed in the ISP Data Base list

We have designed a survey and software package to facilitate this part of the process.

Building on the work among surveys and national consultation program we are working toward a series of 5 or possibly 6 regional consultations. Last Saturday I meet with Bayo Famonure and Reuben Ezemadu, to discuss the issue of Regional Consultations. The following is a brief summation of the out come of that meeting. We committed to working together toward 5 and possibly 6 regional consultations between Sept and Nov '98.

In addition to these regional efforts we saw the need to strongly encourage National level consultations in a number of countries with large numbers of JP Peoples eg Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Chad.

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