The Plan of 1000 Days is Launched


August 31-September 3, 1997
By John Robb
Coordinator of Unreached Peoples Network of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement

426 Christian leaders came from 34 cities and 14 provinces. They represented 37 denominations, 45 mission agencies (including 10 development organizations) and 17 theological seminaries. The theme of the event was "Called together to complete the unfinished task: adopting 132 unreached peoples in Indonesia".

The consultation was organized by the National Research Network, a coalition of Christian leaders researching the unfinished task and mobilizing the church to action.

Various tracks involved local church/mission, theological education, business/professionals, media/communication, mercy ministries, youth/university students, prayer mobilization and writing people profiles. A major emphasis was identifying ministry facilitators for 23 people clusters in which are found all the 132 Indonesian peoples of the Joshua Project list (over 10,000 population and less than 5% Christian and 2% evangelical). My part was to give three plenary presentations on people group thinking and adoption, strategic intercession and networking/cooperation.

Right away the consultation determined that only 122 of these peoples actually fit the criteria just mentioned. As the conference progressed, the organizers asked participants to make a commitment to adopting these peoples for prayer and mission efforts. They had prepared beautiful color profiles on most of the peoples as well as provided computerized information gathered by earlier on-site research efforts. A number of expatriate missionaries had also provided some valuable expertise to the effort, working closely in a supportive capacity.

By the end of the consultation, all the 122 peoples were spoken for by the organizations represented and together they made the commitment to adopt and to send at least two missionaries to each people group by the year 2000! Each track also came up with their own goals for joint mission effort. This was one of the best organized and most productive mission events in which I have had the privilege of participating.

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