The Plan of 1000 Days is Launched

The Plan of 1000 Days is launched to mobilize the whole church in Ibero-america
A report on COICOM 97 in Quito, (26-29 September, 1997)
by Luis Bush Quito, Ecuador, September 30, 1997

On the opening evening of the sixth gathering of the Confederation of Ibero-american Communicators and Mass Media Christian entities, COICOM '97, more than two thousand gathered from the 25 countries of Ibero-america in the beautiful Ecuadorian Cultural Center in the heart of Quito, Ecuador the 26th of September of 1997. The growing involvement and influence of Christians in the mass media was evident. The event was being communicated live to many parts of Latin America through radio and television and to the world through the World Wide Web.

For many years various Christian communicators through mass media were thinking the same thing at the same time, without being aware of it. Informal discussions arose about the possibility of founding associations of communicators in each country until the time was right for the creation of an Ibero-american confederation of communicators could e established. This occurred in October 1992 in the first COICOM gathering in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The location of gathering marked a "new thing" God was doing. The leadership of COICOM and emerged out of the smaller countries, historically less influential in the continent-wide evangelical leadership for Latin America. Raul Justiniano. A Bolivian, who has coordinated the process from the beginning continues to serve as President of COICOM's steering committee which is re-elected by members each year. Delberto Enns, a Paraguayan serves as the secretary. Both have been elected ot give leadership to the Plan of 1000 Days launched at COICOM '97.

Through the five years of it's history COICOM has consolidated it's place as a servant to the dreams, visions of the churches of Latin America with the support of the well-known and respected evangelists and leaders of the Christian community throughout the continent as well as secured a place for a new generation of evangelical Christians of Latin America committed to utilizing the latest language and technologies of the day to advance the cause of Jesus Christ throughout the continent and beyond. From 78 leaders in mass media from 13 countries in the foundation of COICOM in 1992 the participation has grown to 1000 official delegates from 25 Ibero-american countries that participated in COICOM 97. Through the efforts of HCJB over any months there were nine participants who participated from Cuba.

The primary focus of COICOM 97 was the launching of "PLAN 1000 DAYS." PLAN 1000 DAYs is a specific plan to mobilize the Ibero-american church from the 6th of April 1998 to the 31st of December 2000 to move together with urgency and efficiently over the next 40 months so that "our service for God (personal, ministerial and organizational) contributes to the completion of the task that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us to do by December 31, 2000.

Christian ministries in Latin America have been invited to contribute a specific amount of $10,000 for each of the next three years to support the operating costs. With the goal of 10 by the end of 1997 already 11 have made the commitment including two from the countries of Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Chile. In addition several ministries have agreed to second people and time, one ministry 50 full-time worker. Jonas Gonzalez, the executive vice-president of the Plan directs a ministry in Costa Rica called Encuentro which involves 30 channel of TV via satellite in 23 countries.

There have been many prayer meetings and work sessions leading up to the launch of the Plan of 1000 Days. The spirit unity amidst diversity and the energy toward working together to complete the task prevailed throughout COICOM 97.

Praise God for the practical continent-wide plan that shows enormous potential for fulfilling it's mission in the years ahead.

The Plan of 1000 Days

I. What is the Plan of 1000 Days?

It is a plan involving multiple strategies to generate a great spiritual harvest-city by city, country by country-mobilizing the church of Jesus Christ and the Christian mass media in a cooperative integrated and catalyzing plan, by means of a total saturation based on the central concept of 1000 days of integrated action toward the fulfillment of Christ's mandate to his followers almost 2000 years ago.

The vision involves mobilizing the church in prayer and fasting in anticipation of a great revival on the basis of humility and brokenness with the preparation on all levels for a great spiritual harvest.

II. What is the vision of the Plan of 1000 Days?

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek the total mobilization of the Ibero-american church, with the strategic support of the Christian communication mass media, for 1000 days of intensive prayer with fasting, evangelization, that will result in the greatest spiritual harvest of all times.

III. What is the mission of the Plan of 1000 Days?

Our mission is to intensify the evangelization and Christianization of each Ibero-american country prior to the end of the Millennium.

IV. What are the needs related to the Plan of 1000 Days?

  1. Generate an atmosphere of public credibility in regards to the Gospel
  2. Advance the Judeo-Christian values in every level of society
  3. Present Jesus Christ as the example for every human being
  4. That Latin Americans receive Jesus Christ into their lives

V. What are the specific objectives of the Plan of 1000 Days?

  1. Expose the gospel to 100% of the population of the Latin American continent by AD2000.
  2. Disciple 30% of the population of the continent.
  3. Establish 250,000 new congregations
  4. Develop 250,000 new pastors and leaders.

VI. What action steps does the Plan of 1000 Days envision?

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