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The following is the latest press release from Bethany World Prayer Center. It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we send this out. Bethany has done a tremendous job mobilizing prayer for the unreached peoples of Joshua Project 2000. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. The following are latest statistics we have received from BWPC for the prayer profiles they produce:

Thank you for a job well done!

Bethany World Prayer Center
AD 2000 Profiles Project
13855 Plank Road
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 504-774-2002

Contact: Gabriela Araya
Phone 504 774 2000
Fax 504 774 2001


700+ Unreached Peoples Profiles Now Available at Reduced Price From Bethany

Project Scheduled for Completion by September 1997 & Updated List of Available Product Published Monthly

Baton Rouge, May 30, 1997: In a cooperative effort with a local printer, Bethany is now able to offer the Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles at greatly reduced prices. With a heartfelt desire to distribute the prayer information to as many as possible, Baker Printing is producing the profiles at cost. Now that Bethany has reached the halfway point of the profile production and implemented an automated order system, we are able to pass the savings along by distributing the profiles at our cost, plus shipping.

What Are They?

Produced on glossy paper, the Unreached Peoples Profiles are high-quality, four page pamphlets of the most current information available on the 1739 peoples on the Joshua Project list. The Profile includes a map, up-to-date political & cultural data and a concise, well-researched write-up that explains who the people are, what their lives are like and how to pray for them.

What Do They Cost?

Profiles may now be ordered at cost plus shipping. For mixed orders the price is 12 cents per profile and 10 cents for orders of 250 or more of the same profile. A minumum of $5 is required.

What's The Catch?

None. Bethany's desire is to release information and promote focused prayer. If you can reproduce these profiles at a lower cost you have our permission provided they are not bound or sold for profit.

How Can You Order?

Order profiles or a catalogue by calling Bethany's automated service at 504-774-2002, by e-mailing at:,<> or by faxing at: 504-774-2001.

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