Burma Report

by Chito Navarro, March 30, 1997
Joshua Project 2000 coordinator in the Philippines

Dear colleagues:

We have just finished a 3-day seminar in Pyin Oo Lyint, a mountain town just off Mandalay which is under martial law due to the Buddhist-Muslim religious conflict.

Despite the tense situation in the lowlands, 103 delegates made it to the seminar site. The people were blessed and we had an immediate booking for a return seminar in October in the Kachin State whose delegates did not make it due to the situation in Mandalay. 400 church workers await us there. This is a very big opportunity because the 91 churches are new and open to proper guidance. They have as yet not been infected by "church politics".

The seminar was very successful in forming 20 missions forces who will form voluntary Caleb Teams to do the Joshua Research Project in some 15 tribes. Praise the Lord for this victory.

We also prayed, fasted and interceded for the nation and the tribes. And we felt that the Lord answered our prayers. We closed with a session of consecration and covenanted together to plant a church within three years in each of the unreached tribes. July 31 was the deadline for submission of the people profiles.

(The brethren here understand that the Caleb Teams were formed under AMNET and not under AD2000 as we were not representing AD2000 here.)

The JP2000 research form was immediately translated into Burmese and we trained the pastors on how to do it. A national research coordinator (Bro. William) was tasked to coordinate the efforts of the 20 churches there.

The next step is to talk with other JP2000 people in Yangon to coordinate the Mandalay efforts for greater unity.

Please pray for us as we do a one-day Seminar on Unity and Reconciliation here. The church is very fragmented with suspicions and charges. Much healing has to be done. Also purging. I understand that Bro. John Robb had conducted one such seminar already. We hope that we can help the process further.
Thank you and God bless you.

Chito Navarro
Rafael "Chito" Navarro
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