AD2000 International Office Introduces Adoption Guidance Program

Have you ever considered helping your church to adopt a people group, but thought it might be too difficult to find the information you would need?

Staff of the AD2000 International Office, inspired by the PACE program designed by Doug Lucas and Eric Watt, drawing upon many key resources, such as Bruce Camp, Stan Yoder, US Center for World Mission, and Adopt a People Clearinghouse, has created an Adoption Guidance Program to aid churches and individuals wishing to learn more about people group adoption. It may be found on the World Wide WEB at,<> or at from the AD2000 home page by selecting the Adoption Guidance Program icon (a handshake).

Beginning with an initial section of foundations such as "Terms and Concepts" and "Biblical Basis for Adoption," the program presents five aspects of adoption, with resources for each one 1. Selecting a People Group, 2. Organizing Prayer, 3.Conduction Research (at home and on site), 4. Networking, and 5. Church Planting. The final sections cover "Keeping the Adoption Alive" and "Individual Involvement "(becoming an advocate for a people.) Program users may quickly review only the basic documents, or go more in depth with the many resources under each section. A clickable program map helps users stay oriented and jump to resources they need on return visits.

Anyone needing information about unreached people will find useful information at the site. Lists of resources included in the program include WEB sites for researching people groups, agencies involved in adoption, and library reference materials to research people groups.

This is a first edition program, still under construction in some areas. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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