AD2000 Cities Database Now on the Web

Viv Grigg
Co-chairman, AD2000 Cities Network

Have you ever wanted to know about a city in Chad? or find out if there are Christians in Perm, a former penal city of the USSR? 5 years ago, no one even had a list accessible to the misisons community. Now we have some ways of bringing this information about cities together on the web.

Yesterday, the much awaited AD2000 Cities database of 6500 cities was made public on the web after five years of hard work by numerous vounteers. It shows some very simple statistics on each city and its church.

Simply go to and follow the instructions.

The next step the team are working on is to enable people to attach the URL of the home page on which they have their Church in the city profiles, thus connecting grass roots research to the central database hub. This makes info accessible from those at the coalface, but also provides some degree of security. Model cities profiles are shown at the site.

Discussions on the ongoing development will be linked through the brigada-cities conference for which you can sign up by sending the following message "subscribe brigada-cities" to

There are also opportunities to volunteer to become part of the ongoing development team or to do the basic database entry. John Remenyi for example has developed the ACCESS structures for the database, Leland has culle population and church figures for several years one day a week as a volunteer, Matthew Grant after work has conveted ACcess down to Dbase3 to connect through MSQL to a UNix system, which Jonathan of brigada has had tucked in his computer somewhere there, and has given ongoing technical support. Aubrey Truex is coordinating the brigada-cities conference. We desperately need two people who are database literate, can master ACCESS and give some hours each week to entry of data. We need a technically gifted but personal relationships oriented manager to manage the next phases, etc.

Info on the AD2000 Cities network along with city strategy processes for cities can be found in the Transforming Cties Handbook: an Urban Leadership Guide available from for $20 or the address below.

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