Gateway People Cluster Consultation

April 17-19, 1997 in Pasadena, CA

AD2000 and Beyond is planning a consultation on developing key contacts for the approximately 140 people group clusters identified on the Joshua Project 2000 list of Unreached Peoples of the 10/40 Window. (The majority of the 1739 peoples in the Joshua Project 2000 list can be grouped into these 140 clusters.) The consultation will be held April 17-19, 1997 in Pasadena, CA.

The planning task force for the consultation feels that people serving as key contacts for the people group clusters will help concerned individuals, churches and agencies more fully and easily take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls in ministering within the 10/40 Window. The overall goal of this consultation is to bring greater definition and focus to the concept of Gateway People Clusters.

Organizers are praying that by the time the meetings close down, individuals and teams will be identified as key contacts for dozens of the Gateway People Clusters and a plan will be in place to identify other key contacts as they become available. One of the key issues is how to define contact points between the field focused partnerships and the resource based advocacy work. History: In December 1994, Phill Butler, Patrick Johnstone and John Robb met with Luis Bush to explore the idea of consultations for the Gateway People Clusters. Since this meeting the concept and visibility of the Gateway Peoples has continued to develop. At the launch of Joshua Project 2000 in December 1995, a committee was established to identify people who serve or could serve as consultants for the Gateway Peoples (key contacts).

Now is the time, before GCOWE '97, to study the Gateway People Cluster concept. There is a felt need to bring better definition and focus to this concept. Understandable terminology and framework are needed.

Twenty-eight people representing adopt-a-people programs and agencies met October 24, 1996. Among other things, this group agreed to convene a consultation on the Gateway People Clusters of the Joshua Project 2000 list. Task Force: A planning task force for the consultation is being pulled together. So far, this task force includes: Phill Butler/Mats Tunehag (Interdev), John Robb (MARC), Patrick Johnstone (WEC), Ralph Winter (WCIU), Eric Watt (CBN WorldReach), Luis Bush (AD2000 and Beyond), Doug Lucas (Team Expansion), Mike Stroope (Cooperative Services Intl.), and others. Gregory Fritz (Caleb Project) has been appointed chairman of the planning task force and to oversee the consultation.

To offer input or get more information contact Gregory Fritz, Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120-4413; 303-730-4170;

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