Joshua Project 2000 Yields a treasure Chest of Information

September 26, 1996

The AD2000 plan called Joshua Project 2000 focuses on collecting data. This data includes who is targeting which unreached people to assure that all peoples are targeted for church planting. In May of this year, the AD2000 and Beyond Movement International Office sent a mailing to 2400 mission agencies and denominational sending agencies requesting such information. The mailing included a survey form for the Joshua Project 2000 list of priority peoples and an invitation for these leaders to attend the Missions Executives conference, one of nine parallel conferences during GCOWE `97. It requested that leaders provide information for a book, Global Guide to Unreached Peoples, to be presented at the conference. The proposed compendium would provide work-among information to facilitate better distribution of mission resources.

The results would only be published if there were a 10% or more response. Two months after the mailing was sent, 286 surveys (12%) had been returned to the AD2000 International Office from mission agencies in 53 different countries. The surveys contained an estimated 9400 check marks, each representing a level of involvement targeting one of the Joshua Project 2000 priority peoples. The information that was not marked "secure" is being made available on the AD2000 World Wide Web page at the address The final results of the<> survey will be available in the final book publication to be released for discussion and feedback at GCOWE `97.

About 60% of the data received from the survey has been recorded in the AD2000 International Office master database. As of late July 1996, this database shows in regards to the 1739 Joshua Project 2000 unreached peoples: 533 church planting in progress efforts, 354 future church-planting efforts planned, 785 current evangelistic outreaches, 476 future evangelistic outreaches planned, 389 peoples that have an agency willing to assist a research team to that people, 109 agencies that would welcome candidate referrals for people interested in working with unreached peoples, and 728 peoples for which agencies have data they are willing to share.

In addition to the information received from the survey, the following data has been collected elsewhere: 46 people advocates/nonresidential missionaries registered, 256 general people group contacts identified, 266 adoptions by churches or prayer groups , 195 people wanting to organize an adoption by their church, and 53 people wanting to join a long-term church-planting effort to a Joshua Project 2000 people.

Names and addresses for all of the people and agencies that registered the above data are maintained by the AD2000 International Office. Like-minded people and organizations are being made aware of one another's activities. GCOWE `97 will be the first time that heads of mission agencies and denominations will meet together and be able to use this collection of "work-among data" to more effectively partner together and deploy new teams to peoples that have no partnership of agencies working to reach them.