35 Million People Pray During "Praying Through the Window II"

September 26, 1996

Bev Pegues of the Christian Information Network has compiled the statistics for "Praying Through the Window II" held during the month of October, 1995. This prayer effort focused on the 100 gateway cities of the 10/40 Window. It was sponsored by the AD2000 Mobilization of United Prayer Track under the able leadership of Peter and Doris Wagner with Michael Little, President of CBN, serving as the chairman of the committee.

The following are the numbers:

35,367,122Number of Intercessors (Master Records)
407Number of Teams (Master Records)
607Number of Prayer Journeys Taken
233Number of Teams Sending Journey Reports
143,447Number of Churches Involved (Master Records)
8,146Number of Ministries Involved (Masters Records)
102Number of Countries Involved
48Number of Countries Sending Journey Teams
318Number of Journeys Taken from U.S.
289Number of Journeys Taken Excluding U.S.
2,465Number of Journeyers Worldwide (Some teams haven't returned their information.)