North East Asia Regional Consultation, 27-31 May 1996, Seoul, Korea

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Joshua Project 2000 Launched by NE Asian Leaders!

The first Regional Consultation on implementing the Joshua Project 2000 Initiative convened in Seoul, Korea, being sponsored by the AD2000 North East Asia Regional leadership and co-hosted by the Korean Center for World Mission along with the Korea AD2000 Movement. The 124 participants from 16 nations representing NE Asian countries and allied ministries from around the world combined forces to enthusiastically launch this project.

"We are trusting God to unite our hearts and accelerate our efforts in an unprecedented way at this Consultation", declares the consultation leaders. Their purpose is to reach all the Joshua Project 2000 peoples. To their knowledge, these unreached peoples have little opportunity to hear the gospel in their own language nor do they have a church planting movement in their area.

In the one year since the closing ceremonies of the historic GCOWE '95, united efforts by Christian leaders have moved from global vision to national implementation and now, to regional mobilization. This consultation demonstrates that a grass roots movement focusing on the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every person is gaining momentum, strength and spiritual vitality throughout the North East Asia Region.

Shouting "YES", the consultation participants responded to the call to commit themselves and their ministries to complete the Joshua Project goals by December 31, 2000. During a simultaneous gathering of 600 Korean Pastors meeting to discuss new ways to foster cooperation and promote synergy among themselves, their response to this challenge was equally affirmative. Specifically, Korean Church leaders committed to adopt at least 1150 of the remaining 1739 Joshua Project 2000 people groups and launch a church planting movement in their midst.

Speaker after speaker reported practical strategies and ways to cooperate to accomplish the task while exuding the with the faith expectation that "It can be done" by the year 2000. Referring to the Joshua Project 2000 unreached peoples list compiled by the Colorado based AD2000 & Beyond Movement , Dr. Ralph Winter exclaimed: "it is hard to believe that a more important document has ever existed in the history of the Great Commission, that is, from Abraham's day until this".

The Declaration sums it up: "As we have met together over the past three days. ... we realize the immensity of the task and the impossibility of this being accomplished without the intervention, guidance, control and empowering of the Holy Spirit. We believe that "it can be done" and that "it must be done" -- to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the advancement of His kingdom".

Respectfully submitted by,

John B. Thompson
AD2000 Director of Operations and Special Projects
Seoul, Korea May 30, 1996