Myanmar Congress on Evangelism, Yangon, Myanmar, March 25-30, 1996

by Alvin Low

Click here for more information on the country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)

Three-hundred-and-one delegates from forty-three denominations gathered at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Yangon for the first AD 2000 Myanmar Congress on Evangelism on March 25-30, 1996 organized by the Myanmar AD2000 Committee. The hot weather and noise from without did not dampen their spirit nor discourage them from their participation in the Congress.

The Lord provided four key speakers from different ethnic backgrounds and countries giving a model for unity: Don Marchant (An American, President of Equipped To Go, Los Angeles); Chris Balaga (A Filipino, serving with Philippine Challenge & DAWN); Dr. Gerald Rowland (An Australian, VP with International Christian Mission); and Dr. Alvin Low (A Chinese, President of ACTS International). The morning sessions focused on the Master as the speakers expounded the Scriptures relating to unity of the church, followed by training on the "methods" and "models" of church planting. Dr. Ramesh Richard emphasized the "messenger" needed for church planting. One of the distinctive features of the Congress is its focus on the Bible -- much to the delight of the delegates as they waited eagerly for the rich exposition of the Word. Another feature was the building of common themes by the various speakers.

Rev. Myo Chit, Chairman of the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Fellowship challenged the delegates to work together in unity to claim Myanmar for Christ, and joined hands with the delegates on the evening of March 29 in affirming the Declaration during the closing service.

Declaration of the Myanmar Congress on Evangelism: The following is the text of the public commitments of the delegates at the final session of the Congress:

  1. We will pray daily for the spiritual revival of the church and for a great spiritual harvest in our beloved country of Myanmar.
  2. We will submit to the Bible as the sole foundation and authority for our strategy and endeavors.
  3. We will take much care to pursue personal holiness and avoid sin in maintaining a credible ministry to believers and unbelievers.
  4. We will enhance the critical position and function of pastoral leaders in the planting and nurturing of congregations by providing them skills, tools and resources for effective ministry.
  5. We will commit ourselves to perseverance, unity, and obedience in the following aspects of life and ministry:
    1. a commitment to endurance as good soldiers of Jesus Christ;
    2. a commitment to overcoming differences, preferences and suspicions within the family of Jesus Christ.
    3. a commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission in love and obedience to Jesus Christ.
  6. We will incarnate the vision of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement in the following way:
    1. We will plant a church to minister among every group of 1,000 people of the 46 million people in our country;
    2. We will mobilize at least 10% of the evangelical community into cross-cultural missions.

We humbly declare our dependence on our sovereign Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, to implement these commitments, to the glory of the Father, under the direction and enablement of the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord for...

  1. Fifty-five delegates at the Myanmar Congress who committed their lives to cross-cultural missions.
  2. Conversion of two Buddhists. Two Buddhists slipped into the Congress and were listening attentively to the messages. Drawn by the power of the Holy Spirit, they finally approached one of the pastors to inquire more about the Christian faith. After explaining the gospel to them, the pastor had the privilege of leading both of them to Christ!
  3. A spirit of unity that prevailed throughout the entire congress.
  4. Protection of the delegates and speakers.

Future Plans for Myanmar:

  1. Pastors Conferences:
    1. Pastors Conference in Myitkyina, Kachin State on March 24-29, 1997. 600 pastors are expected to attend.
    2. Pastors Conference in Putao, Kachin State on April 1-5, 1997. 300 pastors will attend.

    The purpose of the Pastors Conferences will be to give quick and basic training to pastors who have not received any or received very little training so that they can be equipped for multiplication impact. The pastors will be carefully selected, and they must have a commitment to each train at least 10 more pastors every year.

  2. Evangelization of Myanmar using the Jesus film.
  3. Begin the research of the harvest force and the harvest field.
  4. Estabish the Myanmar AD 2000 office and continue the process of networking.
  5. Track meetings. During the congress, delegates were asked to fill in forms indicating their desire for involvement in the various tracks. Track leaders will be calling for track meetings in the near future.
  6. Identify the unreached people groups in Myanmar.

I trust that the above report encourages your heart. Let us uphold them in our prayers that the Lord will send a revival in that country, and that churches will be planted throughout that land.