February 29, 1996 - AD2000/Cities Consultation, to be held in Hong Kong, June 12-16, 1996.

AD2000 Urban Poor Network "Story-Telling Consultation"

Originally dated: Tue, 27 Feb 1996

Greetings Colleagues:

This is to ask for your prayers for a strategic AD2000/Cities Resource Network Consultation, to be held in Hong Kong, June 12-16, 1996. The "Urban Poor Network/Story-Telling Consultation," is sponsored by the Urban Poor Network (a sub-network of the AD2000/Cities Resource Network). Hosted by Jackie Pullinger-To, who for many years has ministered among drug addicts and street people, the Urban Poor Network Story-Telling Consultation will be held in the Hang Fook Camp, Hong Kong. Participants will spend at least five days in an environment where God has raised up a movement worth observing.

Viv Grigg, who will be one of the speakers, has this to say: "The promises of Isaiah 61 are of many decendants to those who preach Good News among the poor. Multiplying the fruit of such movements among the poor is a concern for many of us. The best way of learning is sitting with peers, other workers who live among the poor, who lead movements or missions among the poor, and listening to their stories, their struggles, successes, learning about the structures that have emerged, and the processes and spirituality that have sustained them.

We would like to invite you to join a story-telling consultation to do just that---not a conference of teachers, but a consultation of listerners. Not a conference on development issues or aid for the poor, though we all deal with these issues, but one focused on the realities of the multi-faceted ministries that grow out of incarnational preaching and living the gospel among the poor."

Participation to the consultation is "by invitation only." If you would like to recommend the name of a person who you feel should be invited to attend as a participant or an observer, please send your suggestion to:

     U.P.N. Project Coordinator
     Brother Daniel
     Mahyueno Mission
     P. O. Box 503
     Dundee 3000
     Tel: 27 (341) 24445 / 22251
     E-Mail: mahyeno.mission@digitec.co.za