"TRANSFORMING CITIES:An Urban Leadership Guide in association with the A D2000 cities network" Viv Grigg, ed

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Viv & Ieda Grigg (adcity@nznet.gen.nz)

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Auckland, New Zealand
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  1. Crucial Hour for 1700 Least Evangelized Cities
    Partnerships to Reach the Least Christian mega-cities
  2. Transforming Your City
    Leadership and Strategy Processes in Cities
    1. For Each City - A Purpose
      Progressive Goals in Transforming a City for God
      Saturation Church-planting: Three Views of the City.
      Transforming the City: A Biblical Basis
    2. The Building Blocks

      B1. The Visitation of The Holy Spirit
      Jesus' Body - One Church in the City
      Leadership and Strategy Processes in Cities
      A Shared Theology of Brokenness
      Reconciliation, Repentance and Restitution
      Prayer Movements
      Worksheet: Levels of Cooperation in a City

      B2. Discerning the City
      The Biblical Basis for Research
      Maps and Statistical Research
      Discernment of Spiritual Powers
      A Biblical Theology of Cosmic Urban Conflict
      Worksheet: Strategy Map of the City

    3. Catalytic Events: From Unity to Mobilization
      consultations: From Vision Statement to Prophetic Message
      City Strategy Congress
      Worksheet: From Vision Statement to Goals
    4. Fathering Cities: Building Leadership Teams
      City Eldership: A Biblical Basis
      Four Types of City Leadership
      Urban Leadership Styles
      Building the Leadership Team
      The City Coordinator
      Urban Leadership Networking Centers
      Worksheet : City Leadership Teams
    5. Strategic Channels
      City Networks
      Creative Funding
      Rebuilding the City
  3. Models of CityWide Strategies
    THE WANGANUI STORY: Reconciliation
    Mexico City -V E L A: Unity From Research
    Bombay Urban Ministry Centre: Centre of Unity
    PROJECT BRUSSELS '91: A unified Evangelistic Strategy
    Christian Love Link: Network of City Churches For The Needy
    SEATTLE: The Millennium I I I Project
    COLORADO SPRINGS: The Mega-church and Evangelism in the City
    Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation: Institutional Transformation
    Goals of the A D 2000 Cities Network
    A D2000 cities network strategy: city leadership teams
    Planning From the Global Congress Cities Network
    The Task of the Inter-city Leaders Coordinator
    City Leader's Consultations
    Partnership Processes
    Cities Research Goals
    Adopt-a-City Processes
    The 100 Gateway Cities Initiative
    March for Jesus
    Brigada - Cities E-Mail Conference
    Viva Street Children's Network: The New 100 Million
    Christ for the Cities (Latin America)
    Urban Vision (Latin America)
  6. Resource Materials